Thursday, August 6, 2015

Help Me Decide

Look at this chair.  I saw this last spring at Antique Week up in Round Top.
I have two chairs like this one, except that they have cane backs, the seats 
are covered in brown suede and the frame is in a pickled finish.  They
belonged to my parents.  

I thought about selling them,  but I keep vacillating back and forth on
that thought.  I am afraid that if I sell them, I will end up regretting the

Now, although I really like the blue and white stripes on this chair,
if I use them in the living room, I will have to use a red fabric.
Maybe a stripe or a check.

When I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago, I took a pic of this 
pile of loveliness and I keep looking at the red and white stripe on
this chair.  I love that the frame is not too white, but a well worn
creamy finish.  I love the stripe on the chair too.

What do you think?  Should I try to reproduce this look on
my own chairs?  I suppose I could still sell them if it doesn't
work out in my living room.

Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. The chairs are very nice and it would be great if you could keep them. I love anything red and I think a checkered pattern would look nice.


  2. Keep the chairs. I adore cane back and regret not keeping my Granny's old cane back chair (it was uncomfortable for me -- I never fit -- too short). Stripes and an antique"y" finish ... wonderful!

  3. Keep them! I think they would be lovely covered with a red and white ticking fabric and painted a creamy white chalk paint.

  4. I think the red stripe would be gorgeous in your living room. How's the wallpaper stripping coming along?


  5. Susan, I have a red and cream stripe on my dining room chairs and love it. Very classic. I think you'd enjoy the red and white stripe.

  6. I say keep them! The red strip will be lovely on the chairs.

  7. Keep the the red stripe, and how about a large Buffalo check in red?? You can introduce blue into the living room, you have it in other rooms.......

  8. I too think you should keep them. They look awesome. I like the stripe as is so red with a cream stripe would be stunning too. They photo you took would be nice too. It's whatever fits in with your decor. If they were mine I would love a toile or large rose/flower design because they would go with my decor more.

  9. I think red and white Buffalo checks or red and white stripes would look so nice. I would keep them.


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