Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Big Project in My Studio

I spend lots of time in my studio and I really like the space.  It's cozy 
and girly and it makes me feel happy.  When I first set up this space, 
I decided to use this vintage book stack as a place to store craft and
sewing supplies.  Now however, I am tired of it and just want to
move all the craft and sewing supplies into this closet that you see
in the pic below ….

The previous owner of this house was an artist and she also used this 
room for her studio.  Behind these bifold doors she built in several 
ample shelves for storage, so it will be perfect for me to move 
all my supplies off the book stack and into the closet.

So the next time I show you this, it will all be different.

However ...

The dollhouse miniatures will remain.  They make me happy.

Here is one more look at the closet doors.  I am about to open them,
but if you are squeamish, you might want to close your eyes because
it is one HUGE MESS in there!!!  I am almost afraid to look at it
myself, but since I am the one who must clean and straighten it,
I will just have to build up my courage and open the door.

Are you ready?  Don't say I didn't warn you ….

Quelle nightmare!  The only way to handle this disaster is to 
fortify myself with a big pot of tea and seasons 1 and 2 of 
the Mary Tyler Moore show playing in the background ;-)
I know my "sister" Robin will understand that I will need
a big dose of MTM to get me through this!

By the way ~ Bentley will sleep through all of this.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What a darling and creative space to call your own! Oh, the memories of Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda....those were fab days! Have fun using your creativity!!!

  2. I have to sort through and get rid of a lot of the 'crap' in my closet, so I understand.

    When are you going to build that dollhouse, Susan?

    1. Dollhouse??? Your guess is as good as mine Claudia ;-) One is partially built and the other one is still in the box. Want to come over and help me?

  3. I can only hope and wish that your entire bookcase is filled with dollhouse miniatures - you do it so well!

    1. Michele ~ you are an enabler! After reading your comment, I have decided to start a miniature nursery. Oh my, there are so many cute miniature nurseries. Can't wait to get started.

  4. Susan, you'll have this organized in no time. I'm working on a closet organization at the moment as well. ;-)

    1. The organizing isn't so bad now that I have started and I am wondering why I put it off so for so long ;-)

  5. Have you forgotten that it was Edith who cruelly exposed Mary when the young Count died in her bedroom back in the first season? It was spiteful and would have harmed the whole family, except that Granny was able to turn the gossip. I'm glad that you're keeping the miniature shelf - so adorable! Barbara in Mn

    1. You are right, Edith did expose Mary. Not very nice was it??? I'm glad I am keeping the minis too. They give me a lot of pleasure :-)

  6. Susan you can do it. I am trying to empty out a room that has been used for storage for 4 yrs. UGH!!!! I wondered why I have all this stuff. If you find a magic wand that will helps us let me know.
    Always enjoy your blog and love to hear about Bentley!

    1. I have been in purge mode recently. It's so freeing, but I will say that it's not always an easy task for me. I do feel better afterward though.

  7. Definitely keep the miniatures out! They make me happy, too! I'm in the process of converting one of our daughter's old room into my room for working on my dollhouses and miniatures.

  8. I also have the doll house Hubby and I have built years ago in my studio !
    Actually it's not too easy to keep order in a space where we spend a lot of our time making so many different kind of activities, ... be patient !

    I wish you a most beautiful end of your week ahead,
    sending you love and hugs


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