Monday, February 15, 2016

Jealousy, Deception and Greed

Greed is a nasty demon.  When one is both greedy and
jealous the temptation to resort to deception can pull on
whatever bit of moral fiber is within their mind and heart.

The characters in the novel I am writing are both flawed and
hampered by their jealousy and it's dominating effect on
their every waking moment.  This jealousy eats away at them
every day.  It takes over their present and erodes every chance
they have for happiness in the future.  Each perceived snub,
any little slight from the past, eats away at their content
like a cancer.  Greed and deception are the tools they use to
wield their revenge.  They are merciless.

Not exactly a fairy tale is it?

Sadly, life is not a happy ending fairy tale.  We do
encounter individuals who want to harm us.  Do
we curl up and hide?  Do we fight back with the
same underhanded tactics?  To me, neither choice
is a good option.  I am going to take you on a
roller coaster ride filled with multifaceted characters
that you will both love and hate.  At the end my
goal is to leave you with a glimmer of hope because
I believe that good can triumph over evil.  This is
the hardest goal I have ever set for myself, and it's
the goal I dearly want to conquer.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley



  1. Susan, I'm part of your cheering group over here in North Texas!! Can't wait to read your book. :)

    1. I can't wait to finish it and when I do, I hope that you will enjoy reading it. Thanks for always being such a supportive friend Stacey!

  2. You go girl; the plot is in motion.

    1. It is! I am completely obsessed in this world of characters who are really coming to life!!

  3. How awesome to write a novel! Sounds like a great plot! Can't wait to read more! Best wishes in your writing! :) ~Rhonda

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I'll tell you what though, it's keeping me up at night ;-)

  4. Keep going, Susan - you've certainly intrigued us, ma'am!

    I, too believe that goodness wins in the end - for the Bible tells us so!

    Good luck, and please DO sleep, ok? Promise??


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