Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dearest Edith of Downton Abbey

Edith played her hand incorrectly, yet how could we have expected more
from her?  In matters of the heart, Edith has never come close to winning.
She has been the overlooked sister.  Mary, the eldest and prettiest and
most self assured, trampled over Edith at every opportunity.  Sybil, who
died far too soon, was the rebel, the standout, the girl who followed
her own drummer.  Edith was hard pressed to compete with her two
strong willed sisters and chose to silently slip into her family role
as the overlooked one.

When Edith met Bertie, she came face to face with the one person who
did not compare her to either Mary or Sybil.  He saw something in Edith
that no one else took the time to see.  Bertie the compassionate man.  He was
looking for a complement to his character and a partner in life.  There
was no talk of position or money or stature, just happiness, family,
a content country life.

Bertie was searching and he found his treasure in Edith.  He would
happily work side by side with her.  There were no games, no
pretenses, just a growing fondness that would evolve into love.
The kind of love that would last a lifetime through the trials and
joys that time brings.   All the potential for a perfect union.

Yes, there was Edith's secret.  Her Marigold, her beloved child.  We all
kept shouting ~ Tell Bertie, tell him now.  He will understand!

But poor, dear Edith expected the worst because that was what she
was accustomed to receiving.  She is like the girl who won't take the
last piece of pie because she is sure that someone deserves it more
than she does.  My heart just breaks for her.   She is not aware of
how truly special she is and allows happiness to slip away because
that has become her position in life.

Yet despite her heartache, she is capable of forgiveness and loving and
compassion.  She returns to Downton and attends the wedding of her
self-centered and compassionless sister Mary.  She extends a hand in
friendship and sisterhood that few would duplicate after being stabbed in
the back by her own sister.

Her sister Mary, looking quite amazed and speechless at Edith's
open hearted terms of endearment.

Beauty fades.  Nasty and heartless comments forever bruise
tender hearts.  It is goodness and compassion that live on through
the years and are most often remembered and cherished.

I am hoping that Edith will triumph.  Not a triumph over Mary,
because in my mind she already has.  Rather, I hope that it is
Edith who blazes a fresh trail in this new evolving world she
is stepping into.  Mary is the old guard, but Edith is the future.
I hope that she takes the publishing world by storm and
experiences true success for the first time in her life.
Edith and her Marigold traveling together through the gates
of Downton Abbey into a new world of their making.  It
would be romantic if Bertie were to join them, yet even
if he does not, they are going to be okay.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh, Susan, well said my friend. My heart just broke for poor Edith. I wanted to punch Mary right in the face. She's so mean to Edith. I pray Bertie will come back for Edith as they did seem so perfect together. I can't believe this is the last season but this episode has been one of the best. My daughter and I kept thinking maybe Edith was Rosomond? 's daughter because she was so very found of Edith. I guess not but that would have been interesting too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. It was just heartbreaking to watch her world crumble, again! Yes, she and Marigold will be fine, but I am rooting or her Knight to ride in on that horse to be with her and Marigold!

  3. Susan, you have eloquently said what I think most of us felt as we watched the latest episode. I agree, I think Edith is the one who will blaze new paths in this new world. She and Marigold will no doubt have success. My heart wants Bertie to race back to her, and I hold out hope that he will in the end. I so don't want this series to end.

  4. So true! She didn't really feel like she deserved Bertie! I hope it works out but I agree, she is the future!!

  5. Well said.

    I had a long chat with a fellow blogging friend and she reminded me of the time Edith alerted the Turkish Embassey about dead poor Mr. Pamook. So, Edith has been a stinker too at times. We mustn't forget that, I guess, though it has been a long long time since she stuck up for herself.

    Edith is my favorite so I hope all for the best for her - but she has her head on straight for the future - she has a strong future to be sure. She just needs to get out of Mary's shadow.

    I can't believe there's only one episode left - next week is a marathon showing of all of season 6, then march 6th is the finale. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

  6. Yes I have fond hopes for Edith and Bertie.

  7. I do believe Bertie will come round in the final episode. Everyone is settling into their new positons as the world is changing.

  8. Wasn't the whole thing heartbreaking? I honestly thought Bertie would forgive her. Who knows. He just might come around. I really want Edith to have her happily ever after.

  9. Was so disappointed that Bertie didn't say, it's okay we will make wonderful home for Marigold. I am so hoping that he comes back. I hate that the series is ending as I really like it. Hope we see that Edith is back with Bertie and is very happy.


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