Monday, February 29, 2016

Dear Diary ~ It's Monday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We did.  

This morning I decided to make a very Southern meal for dinner
tonight, so I pulled out my crock pot and added green beans, potatoes,
chopped onion and a ham hock.  I added some chicken broth 
just to cover and turned the pot on low.  Then I took out two
boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them in a buttermilk
marinade.  I will flour, bread and brown in a skillet, finally
finishing them off in the oven.  We are having buttermilk 
biscuits and honey.  I could make some cornbread, but David
loves his biscuits and honey!

Knowing that dinner was coming together back inside, I headed out to
work around the potting shed.  I am adding flower beds all around it
and working on one section at a time.  I planted a salvia, some Lantana
is next to it and oh, look at the cute little lizard keeping me company.
It's the fourth one I have seen today.  I found a tiny, tiny baby one in 
the house and three more in the breezeway.  

The little dog in the garden is in memory of Bitterman and Binkie.  
The hanging planter belonged to my Mom.  I plan to add a couple of
pots of Geraniums to it.  My Crepe Myrtle in this little garden is
just starting to bloom and so is the Ligustrum.  I will show you
pics when they are in their glory.  

I am planning on several bird feeders in the garden and purposely
adding plants that attract hummingbirds.  They will be coming
through our area en mass soon on their migration to other areas, 
although many stay here throughout the year.

I have been painting garden chairs and a table in this soft green.  I want to keep
it subtle so that the garden itself gets all the attention.  

Of course I had to buy some herbs and they are living temporarily in this
cute little toolbox from y'all know where ;-)  If you don't know, you will
have to read some of my recent posts where I discuss the addiction I have
for a certain store.

I have been having so much fun working in the potting shed garden that 
it's hard to drag myself away from it.  It's a passion!

BTW ~ Bentley is very fond of his new little neighbor, Harvey.
Harvey is a little fur ball and oh so huggable!  He's a Maltipoo and
he and Bentley are now best buddies.  So cute!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. So cute that Bentley has a new little friend!!!

    1. They met face to face on Saturday when my neighbor Catherine brought Harvey over to our house for a visit. They are about the same size and play together nicely. Catherine and I decided that we would get one of those plastic kiddie pools for the dogs this summer. They can have puppy pool parties!

  2. I use our crock pot all the time. Gardening keeps me busy this time of year. Love the herbs in the little wood carrier.

    1. I don't use the crock pot as often as I should. Now that it's spring here in South Texas, I'll be using it more often so that I can spend more time in the garden. I want to enjoy it as much as possible before the hot humid days begin and all I will want to do is stay indoors.

  3. What a delight you are, Susan. You make us feel like we are part of your family! I've got supper planned tonight (cleaning out the freezer and making conglomeration soup). Tomorrow, I think I have to copy your delicious vegetable recipe. I do love my crockpot! Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow! I love your herbs display! One of my favorite things to garden is herbs!

  5. I'd love to see photos of Bentley and Harvey.


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