Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Staying Out of Trouble and Writing My Book

I decided to throw together a little country hearts vignette so you 
would not think I have fallen off the planet.  I have only been out of
touch for a couple of days, yet I have been so lost in my own little
world that it seems much longer.

I have been working on my novel.  I have characters running around 
in my head getting into all sorts of mischief.  In addition to that, I have
been listening to quite a bit of Country music.  You know the kind of
heart break, cheating, pick-up truck kind of tunes that my characters
have been calling for.

I tell you what ~ these characters have minds of their own and they
are just dying for me to tell their stories.  

So I have been busy jotting down every word they whisper.  
I can hardly wait to hear what they whisper next.  I better take
my boots off, pour myself a big old glass of sweet tea and
just listen!

While I am taking notes, y'all can visit some friends:

Bentley, be a sweet boy and let me know when your Daddy
gets home from work or I will be so distracted I won't get
dinner on the table on time ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Listen to their whispers and write down what they say, that is a true novelist speaking.

  2. Love your post. Good luck with your book!

  3. Susan, I love those stuffed hearts!!! Your table is wonderful, and your book details are so intriguing. I'm on the edge of my seat!

  4. Omg! The hearts are adorable!!! Oh my! You are something girl, now a novel! Can't wait to read it!

  5. How exciting!! Wishing you luck on your writing!!

  6. I am so excited for you doing this book. Can't wait to read it! Your Valentine tablescape is so sweet.


  7. Sweet hearts! So exciting; happy writing!!!

  8. It sounds as if you are truly inspired and your novel is coming along so well! Love your beautiful photos here too Susan. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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