Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dear Kate Spade, You Will Be Missed

I never knew you Kate, but your style appealed to my girly nature.
Always feminine with a sense of sophistication.  While many loved your
darling purses (I did too),  I also loved your shoes.  You always created
just the right shoes to make me feel special!

A simple pair of Keds were suddenly transformed into a fashion eye
catcher, which make me smile every time I wear them.

Perfect little packables in bright pops of color.

I wish I could have helped you.  I didn't know you were so sad.  
May you now rest in peace and somehow know that you were loved and
that you had the unique capacity to make every girl who wore your
creations feel ever so special

Susan and Bentley


  1. I was also sad to learn of her passing. How much she gave to us. RIP Kate!

  2. Veer nice tribute to this lady. Too much of that is happening this day and time.

  3. I know..... :( ... Hearbreaking news ....

  4. Tragic......Nothing is so undoable, unsolvable or so hopeless . I feel most sad for her daughter and other family members.

  5. This was such heartbreaking news. Just shows that even with hard work and accomplishment in life you can still have deep demons. I am not a fan of her shoes but I have a lot of her purses. Love love her style. She will be so missed. So sad she leaves behind a young daughter.

  6. I so totally agree. It' so sad............

  7. I just love her style - I will miss everything about her. How incredibly sad.

    1. Always an air of sophistication. You and I both love that!

  8. Hi Susan and Bentley, this news was so sad. She did bring fun fashion, pops of color, and made so many feel special with her designs. So successful & beautiful on the outside, but hurting so much on the inside. Eternal peace to you know Kate Spade.

  9. We’re STILL reeling here in Kansas City where Kate grew up and attended the prestigious all-girls Catholic school where my 2 best friends went. Just shocking and sad. I hurt to know that people can feel that depth and breadth of pain. I hope God will understand that she just could no longer fight off the demons and grant her eternal peace.


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