Monday, June 18, 2018

My MacKenzie-Childs Bird Feeder Project

You may well have seen this MacKenzie-Childs cup and saucer on
this blog before.  I found this set at antique shop back in Idaho quite
a few years ago.  It sat on a wicker table on my front porch back there,
and on the veranda here in Texas.  

Several days ago, I had a brainstorm about turning this lone cup and
saucer into a bird feeder for the garden surrounding the potting shed.
I remembered that I had a walking stick that had lost it's top and
realized it would be perfect to be the stand for the feeder.  All I
did was to paint the stick and use industrial strength glue to hold
the cup and saucer in place.  Now it looks just perfect in it's new home.
On Saturday, I purchased 40 more pounds of bird seed, so my little
tweeties will be content for a while.

I finished painting a vintage chalk board for the shed, and five little bird houses 
too.  These bird houses will be used for a chandelier project currently in the

No outdoor projects for a while.  We have received the first bands of rain from
Invest 91L.  That is meteorologist talk for a very big weather system sitting in
the Gulf of Mexico just starting to come on shore.  The rain so far has not been
too heavy, but is expected to get much heavier and bring thunderstorms along
with it.  It never organized enough to be a hurricane or a tropical storm, but
different forecasts have predicted either 3 to 5 inches, or 5 to 8 inches of rain.  
Hopefully there will be no serious flooding with this system, but quite
frankly, we really need the rain, so I am not complaining.  The next few days
will be inside projects of all kinds, and I won't have to worry about watering
the plants twice a day.  It's a housebound vacay!  

Bentley and I are staying dry and snug indoors and wishing y'all a 
happy Monday!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. another pink and green (together) fan! Very cute stuff. Good luck with the rain!

  2. Aha! So it's you guys who have been hogging all the rain!!! :-) We've not gotten so much as a drop these past few weeks, and we're looking brown and crispy around these parts! We take really good care of our lawn, but even we are experiencing unsightly brown patches here and there. despite our efforts. We sure could use some gentle rains to parch our thirst! I like what you've done here with this project! Painting is definitely not my strong suit, so I admire anyone who has the patience and the steady hand to accomplish something like this. The polka dots are adorable!!!

    1. I will gladly send you some rain. We have been parched down here too! With the current system down in the gulf, and the remnants of the hurricane in the Pacific (Hurricane Bob), lets pray that moisture heads up your way too!!! If all else fails, try this trick ~ wash your cars and leave them in the driveway. Then put all the cushions you don't want to get wet onto your patio furniture. This method seems to work wonders ;-)

  3. Well, that's about as cute a bird feeder as I've ever seen! And a wonderful idea. And the sweet birdhouses are going to make for a fun chandelier -- can't wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Thanks Jeanie! You know how much I love to play with things. Actually, I should get more housework done ;-)

  4. Your projects looks like fun, and I'm looking forward to the chandelier!

  5. Love the birdhouses and can't wait to see the chandelier! The teacup bird feeder is really cute - someone gave me one a while back that they'd purchased at a craft show. We had a lot of rain that year and I ended up with soggy, moldy birdseed. :-( Be sure there's a way for the rain to drain out of the cup or either empty it often.

  6. What a nice idea, looks like it worked out perfectly:) I absolutely love that M-C pattern! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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