Monday, May 21, 2012

Life is Just a Bowl of Berries

Okay I know ~ the song really goes ...
"Life is just a bowl of cherries", but it's not cherry season yet,
and I love this sweet little strawberry set.

I am dedicating this post to Mona.  She recently found out that she is
NOT allergic to strawberries after believing she was for many years.
Now she is eating strawberries all of the time and loving them.
Here's to you Mona!!

Pour some cream on your strawberries too.  See that
little chicken on the cream pitcher?  Have you noticed how
chickens just keep on working their way into my cottage?  Our 
attorney is building a chicken coop and is buying some chicks.
David is running out of excuses why we can't have chickens when 
one of his best buddies has given in.  Maybe there is hope for
a coop yet!

Let's party with

I know Bentley ~ Sue's blog is It's A Very Cherry World, but her
party is Rednesday and strawberries are red after all.  Bentley, when did
you start getting so technical??? 

Susan and Bentley


  1. Love this and it reminds me of a dear older friend who has a "strawberry" kitchen. Beautiful

  2. Ahh, this post reminds me of childhood at my Grandma's house. She was like the unofficial mascot for strawberries. Lol! They were absolutely everywhere in her kitchen. She loved them!

    Thanks for the memory. Happy Monday!


  3. Strawberry fields forever Susan.

  4. Reminded me of my Grandma serving up bowls of sliced strawberries that she grew in a strawberry patch out next to her root cellar. She put sugar on them and poured cream from their cow over the top of them. So delicious, so simple. Your photos were lovely. I know what I'm having for dessert tomorrow, with thoughts of Grandma

  5. Yay for Mona!!! I love strawberries and I love your sweet little setting! Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  6. Oh fun this the red & white and ofcourse the happy Mona is now enjoying these lovely fruits. Happy Monday!!

  7. Love, LOVE the strawberry dishes Susan! Love all that you post really. It's almost strawberry season here, not quite yet, but soon. I can't wait! xxoo

  8. I love strawberries--what a cute setting! Strawberries are almost in season here--and nothing is better than a freshly picked warm Oregon berry. Now you made me crave it. :)

  9. I love your strawberry set. To think you were allergic and not oh my she needs to make up for lost time.

  10. Hi Susan...

    Well my friend, I LOVE your pretty "Life is a Bowl of Berries" table! So fresh and sooo very summery! Love the pretty strawberry dishes! Oooh...I love this pretty setting has my heart all a flutter! Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us...beautiful photos!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my place and leaving such a sweet note! I sooo enjoyed your visit, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,

  11. Hi Susan - what a sweet little strawberry setting. So pretty. My parents owned a pick your own strawberry farm while I was growing up, so this tugged at my heartstrings! Thanks for the blog visit and the kind words! Jane (P.S. Beautiful song on your blog!)

  12. I love strawberries and have them on cereal each morning.

  13. LOVE IT!!!

    barbara jean

  14. Happy REDnesday! I love those little strawberry dishes and the pitcher with the chicken too. I am trying to convince my hubby the YES we do need chickens! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for sharing, Nan

  15. A very Charming Strawberry set...just the perfect Red for Rednesday. I do love to eat strawberries, too, even though I truly am a Cherry girl. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing with us all,


  16. sweet photos ... now i'm craving fresh strawberries ...

  17. Today is REDNESDAY...and, I've been strolling through suelovescherrie's archives. I am so happy to have been referred to your cheery RED post! It brings all the freshness of summer and the warm days to come.
    Thanks for sharing and for your lovely blog!


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