Monday, May 28, 2012

If You Believe in Fairies Then Clap Your Hands

I just finished my fairy garden.  I am taking some quick pics because fairies are
very elusive creatures and don't like to be photographed.  I thought I 
caught a glimpse of one moving some things into the cottage, so I'll be 

It's a little cottage I made of twigs and stones and pine cones.  I named it
Tinkerbell Cottage.  Of course the new resident may want to change the name.

I left some garden tools because most fairies love to care for their gardens.

And a little bench and a watering can.

A little bridge to other realms.

A meandering path to the cottage.

And an ivy covered arbor.

Lots of flowers to tend.

And some succulents too.

A rusty old rake to gather twigs that may fall.

I think we better leave.  I do believe that I saw some dishes being carried
through the door.

As we tiptoe quietly away ~ let's go visit

Bentley ~ you know to be respectful of the fairies now don't you?

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, my hands are clapping! This is darling. I can see you've been having lots of fun. Love the little twig home and bridge and all the special details.

  2. Hi Susan: I am clapping!! What a darling post. The new little home won't be vacant too long! Hope you are enjoying a peaceful and quiet (ssh!) weekend..Judy

  3. Oh that is so sweet. I do believe, I honestly do. xx

  4. YEP! You did it! It's just beautiful. :) I have to tell you that when I first pulled it up I laughed right out loud! I knew it was going to be adorable and it is!
    Don't you love that wheelbarrow and tools? Sooo sweet. The work that went into the little house is just fantastic! Standing ovation here!!!

  5. Awww...that is sooooooo sweet!! I love it! I love fairies!

  6. Such a fun & sweet post...absolutely adorable!

  7. Oh, you are going to have so many fairies in that garden that you may have to build another cottage! If I were a fairy, I would certainly want to live in that special place!!

  8. what a sweet little garden do you have it in a container of some sort?
    I just love it

  9. I hope you heard me clapping.....of course I believe in fairies, and I love the garden you created for them. It is simply adorable.

  10. That is so sweet....I just told my hubs I want to make one...and he gave me the duh look! Wish me luck!!

  11. Susan,
    I 've never seen a fairy garden prettier than yours- Never. I truly love it.

  12. Very cute. You did a great job on the details.

  13. One of the sweetest fairy gardens I've seen! Love it!

  14. Love all the sweet details. I really want to make a special fairy garden with the girls this summer to have near their treehouse. I'll be coming back to your post to get ideas.

  15. I love this post! You have made the cutest fairy garden! I see you put alot of work (fun) into making it. You have alot of cute assessories for the fairies. I have a few fairy gardens too, but they are not as cute as yours! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Clap, Clap, Clap! I'm working on my first Fairy Garden. I had no idea they had so many items to decorate with. Love the fun of it all. Can't wait to add to mine more.

  17. What an adorable little Fairy Garden, you did a fantastic job! I'm your newest follower!

  18. Adorable. You've added so many sweet elements. Great job.

  19. My applause to an adorable fairy garden:)Such a sweet post!You did a wonderful job and I love all the details...especially the cute twig cottage, the bridge and the adorable bench. Thanks for letting us take a peek in the fairy realm and for your lovely comment. Have a wonderful day!~Poppy

  20. susan ~ I am clapping my hands... I do believe, I do believe. This little fairy garden is the sweetest I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing. It has put a great big smile on my face today ;-)

  21. Oh my goodness, Susan!
    How adorable is this?
    Is it in your home or in
    your garden? I want to make one
    now too! Cannot wait to show my
    daughter. She will go crazy for this.

    Love it so much~!


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