Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Herb Garden Potting Bench

I found this wash stand at a consignment shop.  I showed it to you before I
painted it a few posts ago.  It's not the traditional style of potting bench, but it's 
my style.  It sits on a cement sidewalk that rests between the back porch and
my herb garden.  I'll show you the herb garden in another post.

The drawer is filled with heirloom lettuce and salad greens.  We eat lots of
green salads in our house, so this will be a fun and easy way to pick some
for dinner ~ no bending over.

Derby Day is coming up soon, so I have a basket full of fresh mint ready
for juleps.  One year I planted my mint directly into my garden ~ a
big mistake!

A pot full of basil setting on a miniature twig chair.  See that clump of oregano?
It seeded itself and is growing up between a crack in the sidewalk.  It seems so happy
there and I decided to let it be.  My oregano grows like a weed too.  I always give lots
of it away.

My strawberries are planted in a bowl on top of the bench.  I am hoping to 
get a few strawberries before the squirrels get to them.  We have the fattest squirrels 
in the neighborhood because we have walnut, plum and hazelnut trees in our garden.
If they didn't have to race up the trees away from Bentley they would be
too fat to move!

This was meant to be a spice rack, but I like it filled with
 little clay pots and saucers.

One of my vintage lawn chairs sits at the end of the garden holding
a basket full of pansies.  I love to cut pansies and put them in tiny 
bottles and vases.  Pansies are one of my very favorite flowers.
My hubby likes them too.  

Well there it is ~ my consignment potting bench surrounded by thrift shop
finds and herbs.  I'll be taking pics of the herb garden soon and other little
garden rooms around our cottage.  Until next time ...

Bentley ~ we better get outside and pull up some weeds before it rains
again.  You can help me, but don't run off with the weed puller!!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Good idea Susan. That is a great re purpose.

  2. It is all very charming, Susan. I have spotted an old library table at the house next door, where no one lives. It is on the porch, all weathered and everything. I intend to ask the house owner if I can purchase it and then put my set of casement windows on top, that we had to take out of the house to add then den. I can just see all kinds of decor on that old window and bench!
    Bentley, be sure to wear your rubber boots in the rain!

  3. Oh, Susan...this is such a cute potting bench and area to take care of all of your container gardening! I love all the sweet touches. You did a great job painting the wash stand, it's doing a great job for you! :)


  4. And I love it! It's perfect, Susan!

  5. Your potting area is so romantic - like something from a story book.

  6. Susan ~ I love the containers full of wonderful herbs and they look divine. I am laughing that you planted mint. I did the same thing with lemon balm. I am still paying for it. It won't go away. Love, Love, Love this... Thanks for the inspiration ;-)
    I need to get in the garden ~ once the rain stops

  7. Hi Susan Sweetie...
    Oh what a treasure your potting bench is. I love it that you recycled and made it work for you. It is absolutely darling. I love the drawer open a bit, with your pot sitting inside. It just took my breath away.

    You did an awesome job, and how wonderful not to have to stoop over the get'er'done. I love that most of all.

    Isn't it wonderful when something comes from God. How wonderful to be sent the oregano. Just coming up on its' own. That is so special.

    Love your share sweet friend. What an awesome job you did. Have a wonderful week sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, to Bentley as well,love Sherry

  8. your plants look great.
    I made the mint mistake also. oh it takes forever to get it out.
    Basil my favorite.

  9. Visiting via Wow Us Wednesdays!
    LOVE! your potting table!
    Just beautiful.
    Thanks for inspiring us.
    The Porcelain Rose

  10. Susan, you are clever to have some of these herbs growing nearby. Very handy! The potting bench looks like nice. Great idea to repurpose the chest. ~ Sarah

  11. Beautiful Susan! Giving me inspiration to follow up on my idea of using the ironwork bottom of a treadle sewing machine. Would love some of your talent input and think i should paint it white after seeing your potting area all white and green and flowers.

  12. your potting bench is adorable! I finally have started mine...i kept moving my planting mess away from it because i didn't want to get it dirty....lol Thanks so much for linking up to the Cottage Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage! xoox, tracie

  13. Love your potting bench & all your creative gardening ideas. Thanks for some needed inspiration.

  14. I'm visiting from What's it Wednesday.
    What a cute and original potting bench. it all looks amazing and perfectly organized.
    wishing you a great weekend

  15. What a great idea to use a vintage dresser! It looks so pretty! I really love it!

  16. Your dresser potting bench looks fabulous! I love the opened drawer with the lettuce. Love your vintage chair - all is just gorgous!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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