Saturday, May 5, 2012

From the Desk of Susan and Bentley

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday.  I want to let you all know that I 
love your comments.  Blogging is a way that we can reach out to one another and say 
hi ~ I'm glad you are in my life.  We share each other's triumphs and sorrows.
Sometimes we share a giggle.  I love to read the comments out loud to Bentley
who is always snuggled up with me in my desk chair.  Except of course when
he is interrupted by the sound of a chicken, squirrel, cat, or skateboarder.
Then he is off like a shot.

That being said ...

Recently I have started to receive comments that are not really
comments at all, but are advertising for a product.  I ignored the first one,
however any future comments that are strictly advertising will be deleted.

I have advertising on my site and I am paid by those advertisers for space.
I am also a part of Blogher Publishing and I have entered into a 
contract agreement with them about ads on my site.

I was reluctant to accept ads initially on this blog.  I wanted it to be
just a nice chatty place.  But as time went on I found that I had the 
opportunity to bring in a little extra money by allowing ads.  Who does not
need that in our current economic situation?

I still want this blog to be a nice chatty kind of place.  A spot of refuge
for both me and for my followers from the realities of our world.  I love
being connected to all of you.  If one of you has an idea to promote for
financial gain, we can talk about it.  Many of you have started little
businesses that are promoted on your site and I applaud your entrepreneurship.
We are here to support one another and I am very happy to assist you in
any way.  Just ask me first.  Thanks for listening and have a great

Bentley ~ you little sleepy head.  I think the chickens are awake now.
You better check to see what they are doing.

Susan and Bentley


  1. If it keeps happening, you could enable comment moderation where you allow each comment and don't allow the advertisement ones.

    I haven't had one of those in the comment section of my blog since blogger added the anti-spam filter. BUT they get onto my cbox all the time. I simply delete them and mark that "user" as spam then ban them forever. I don't think we have ALL those options at blogger, but cbox offers them.

  2. That is just crazy. I see all comments before I publish them, so I would just delete those. I felt the same way about ads, they are distracting sometimes, especially pop up ones. But if we can get an extra bit of compensation, then why not? Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  3. All comments are emailed to me and anyone that is new to commenting on my blog has their comment held for approval the first time. That way I just delete those spam comments. Although, I think it's funny how spammers try to make their comments sound like "real comments" on a post. But they're pretty easy to spot.

  4. Dearest Susan...and precious little Bentley,
    Your post is so sunny and uplifting!
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
    Not to worry about your advertising topic...I do understand.

  5. It's annoying, but I guess it's just something that comes along with blogging, from time to time. If it gets too bad I suppose you could begin to moderate your comments, but that would be a shame.
    Lovely music!

  6. Hi, you two. I was thinking the other day I wanted to talk to you about the advertising aspect of having it on our blogs. I have not a clue, so send me an email of how you got started, please and thanks :)
    Hope your Mom continues to feel better :)

  7. Hi Susan, I enjoy your chats very much, and I love the way you include Bentley in your posts! Sometimes Duke sits on my lap when I'm blogging, but as he's 20 lbs. of terror he likes to hit the keyboard now and again! LOL!!!

    Hope your mom is gaining strength and feeling much better. I'm keeping her in my "prayer-pot" and thoughts!


    P.S. I like your "From the Desk of . . . " you should make it a regular feature!

  8. Hi SusaN....went back and read your post about cottages in the North End. Loved prettier than the next. Love yours, too!

  9. Hi Susan,

    I delete comments that are from spammers or advertisements. I don't moderate my comments but I do read all of them so I delete the ones that aren't appropriate. Nothing wrong with ads as long as they aren't pop-ups. Bloggers spend a lot of time creating their content so why not get a little compensation. I'm glad this is a welcoming chatty place. I adore your little Bently and I love his name!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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