Friday, May 25, 2012

What We Will and Won't Be Doing This Weekend

We WILL be celebrating the 4th birthday of Pink Saturday! But we WON'T be 
gardening.  It's raining right now and rain is in the forecast for the entire
weekend.  Did you hear that "Patio Daddy-O" (my husband) I don't 
think we will be grilling on the deck.  

But ... what we will be doing is creating a fairy garden.

I'll be busy constructing an arbor and a swing and a little cottage for
fairies.  I am gathering up materials for the construction now.

Polished pebbles, ivy and wee little plants.  Creating a spot for
the fairies to enjoy a cup of tea.  All fairies love tea don't you know.

I have some plans for pine cones too.

So working in my full size garden will have to wait until sunny days are
here again.

But the plants are enjoying the nice soft rain, so I don't mind too much.

I will be busy creating my fairy garden with twigs and pebbles, twist and
pine cones.  I hope they like it!

Happy 4th Birthday to Pink Saturday!
Let's visit Seasonal Sundays

Bentley ~ in between the raindrops lets go for a walk and gather
up some more twigs and rocks.  We will need lots more for all the
construction we have planned.

Susan and Bentley


  1. I hope you will share the finished fairie garden. I can tell already that it is going to be cute. That little dresser is so sweet.

  2. I love little fairy gardens....can't wait to see yours.
    xo bj

  3. :) Yours will be the very best kind. I'm gathering things and mine will be constantly changing. I added some inexpensive Fairies but they probably won't be staying long. I think I love ones without Fairies to be truthful. But I wanted something for the tiny Grands to fiddle with and not my "stay put things. We'll see how this works. Things made form natural things are just wonderful..I've seen some for sale commanding in the thousands. I cannot wait to see. Just from what you are gathering.. I'm all excited. I love looking at things like this.
    I shall...return.
    (Mel sends her love to Bentely! :)

  4. I love your pinks and the pretty pink Petunias in the basket on the bench. Can't wait to see your fairy garden.

  5. Awwww can't wait to see that fairy garden completed. hugs, Linda

  6. Enjoy your weekend, but send some of your rain to Texas

  7. Maybe the fairies sent the rain so they could get their own garden....looking forward to seeing it.
    Happy Pink Saturday ! ((()))

  8. Can hardly wait to see your fairy garden as with all you have shown us it will be sooooo delightful! Don't you know the fairies are just lined up waiting to choose their new home!

    ♥ Jil

  9. Oh, I love that you are doing that!! How wonderful! I hope you show pictures when you are done - with or without the fairies! Have a glorious weekend, Susan and Bentley!
    PS Did you make that metal container that has a rose on the front? fabulous!

  10. Well at least I know why there are no fairies in my garden...I didnt give them tea! Hps to you and Bentley.

  11. A fairy garden ~ how delightful. I know a couple of little girls who would love to have tea with your fairies.
    Have a great weekend inside. ~ Sarah

  12. HPS 4 birthday!

    We've had gobs of rain over the last 2 days.....some folks are flooding now. :(

    The fairy garden sounds wonderful! I hurt my hand 2 days ago..and need to pot plants and pull weeds and trim bushes, but can't right now. Seems like I over did something yesterday cuz my broken hand has hurt all day and is swollen. Typing is difficult, too, so I will stop for now.

    I was so excited that your blog came through quickly today...sometimes is just loads and loads and loads and doesn't get up. Maybe all of the rain we had "cleared cyber space" so the signals are working better now!

    HPS dana

  13. Susan, I cannot wait to see yours and Bentley's fairy garden! I hope you have a great weekend in spite of the rain. School is finally out and we are at the lake for the holiday weekend! :D

  14. It will be so much fun to see your fairy garden when finished. I've been making them for years. So much fun to do!

  15. Beautiful garden. It looks enchanting!...Christine

  16. Oh what fun, I hope you will share it with us when you are done. I have never made one, but maybe some time I will have the chance to do so.

    Enjoy your rain, it is wonderful for the garden.

  17. Susan, I know you will create the most magical of all fairy gardens. I know Bentley must be helping.

    Happy Pink Saturday Fourth Birthday Celebration. I appreciate you and all you do to make Pink Saturday special. It is special because of the fellowship, friendship and kindness we all experience from all of the "pinkies".♥♥♥ It would never be the same without you.

  18. It's raining here, too, which is clearly affecting my gardening plans! But I am filled with inspiration from your fairy garden! Happy PS!

  19. Can't wait to see the finished garden. Your gatherings look like they will be the perfect ingredients. Looking forward to having you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! I love all your pinks and look forward to seeing your fairy garden.

  21. Will be anxious to see your fairy garden. I have been wanting to plant one myself. Sounds fun and I'm sure is going to be beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  22. I cannot WAIT to see the fairy garden. It is sure to be darling.

  23. too bad about the rain drops- I hope to get a lot of gardening in! have a great weekend!

    Karen & Krumpet

  24. Can't wait to see your sweet fairy garden. Have a happy weekend.

  25. I do hope you enjoy your weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your little fairy garden!
    ~Happy Memorial Day~

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  26. I'm sure your fairy garden will be cute! Hot and humid earlier, raining now in Philly too. Happy Memorial Day Weekend:@)

  27. I do hope the fairies come and join my garden this year. Have a fun time finding them in yours.


  28. Looks like fun no matter whether you have rain or not. Sounds like you have ideas to spare to keep you busy. Can't wait to see it al finished. Came her by way of The Tablescaper.


  29. Hi Susan! I found you at the Pink Saturday Party. I love your white wicker chair and birdhouse. Your fairy garden sounds darling. Denise

  30. Hello Susan,

    I have seen alot of goings on with these fairy gardens lately. I just did a post on them. Please come by and take a peek. I can't wait to see yours!



  31. I just finished my yard work chores for the day and ow how I would welcome a nice rain shower now! Looking forward to seeing your faerie garden.

  32. Love your pinks and post. Wonderful sentiments! Whimsical and wonderful. Makes me smile.
    Enjoyed my visit. Hope you've enjoyed the rain and that Bentley has gotten a few more gathering walks in. He must really like fairies! :) Oh yes, Happy Pink Saturday (Belated)

  33. Can't wait to see your fairy garden! Enjoy that rain while you can.
    Have a great Memorial Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  34. Cooler here with mild winds. I am in pain with a painful knee. The pain is radiating into my hips! So I am trying to catch all the pinkies today! Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea with the fairies and I so wish I were near. HPS and love your photos today!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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