Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I Have a Soft Spot for Staffordshire

For those of you who visit me often, you know that when you stop
by, you will not find the latest trends here.  In fact, you won't find
much that is trendy here at all.  No fake fur pillows, no shiplap, etc.  
There is nothing wrong with any of that, but it's not me, and it will 
never be where my decorating dollars go.

My style is very much English Country Cottage.  I love the warmth
and coziness of it all, and I especially love Staffordshire.  It just
sings to me and it has for many years now.  When I go up to 
Round Top for Antique Week, I tend to spend most of my time at
Marburger Farm and the Big Red Barn.  I know from experience, 
that I will find something I love there.  

I don't even have to buy anything, I just love looking around and
appreciating all the beautiful displays of pieces I love.

These collections also make me think of lovely table settings.  I have
scrapbooks full of elegant tables.  I have saved these photos for years.
I know I have to polish it, but I still love silver, especially sterling.  
If you want to start your own collection, just remember that you don't 
have to buy everything at once.  You might think of beginning with
serving pieces that will work with the flatware you currently own.

Here some darling vintage dogs.  Oh how I love these.

What makes this hutch so interesting is that it is filled with a mixture of
antique books, candlesticks, binoculars and an old telescope.  It is
a fascinating collection of well loved pieces used in a different way.

Well, that's it for today.  The weather turned quite cold here, or at
least quite cold for South Texas.  I had to dig out some warm socks,
and a sweater too.  It's a huge change from the mid to upper 80's
we had last week!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Friday, October 12, 2018

Latching Onto and Trying to Hold a Memory

As I go about my day, I sometimes hear a song, or notice something 
that triggers a happy memory from the past.  The image may be a bit
foggy, like looking through a wet and humid window, and yet it
can seem so real that I can imagine I might reach out, touch it, and
hold onto all the joy of that special moment.  

The memory can be more recent.  A happy moment,
a beautiful sunset, a moonlit walk.  A little
treasure that is stored in my heart and pulled out
when needed.

Or perhaps it may be a fuzzy moment from the past of a loved one
who is now dearly missed.  

I often try to hold onto those treasured moments for longer periods of
time.  It's like looking through an open doorway.  I get a glimpse of 
what is on the other side, yet I have no way to get there.  I try to
grab the memory and hold on, but it slips away from me.

I once read that old episodes of I Love Lucy are streaming through
the Universe and perhaps other beings on other planets may pick 
up that signal.  Our thoughts are energy too.  Are they also 
streaming through the Universe to some unknown destination?

If time is an illusion and is limited by our thought, and God lives
in a different dimension that we cannot grasp, what will Heaven
be like for us?  Will we walk through a doorway and all the 
memories we collected on earth will be saved for us like a movie
is saved to a DVD?   I wonder about it.  Do you?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall in Love With Texas Blog Tour, Day 4

It's the final day of the blog tour.  It sure has been fun seeing how the
other girls have decorated for the season.  Here is a list of the 
final participants.  I know you will love this!

Thank you once again, to Katie for both organizing and hosting
this tour!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Prayers for Florida and Blog Tour Day 3

It's hard to be cheerful and upbeat when our neighbors to the east are
about to be slammed by Hurricane Michael.  The Gulf Coast of Texas
lies to the east of the Panhandle of Florida.  The waters of the Gulf
are so warm and provide just the perfect environment for a hurricane
to become deadly.  I do hope that most of the residents have
evacuated.  Having lived through two major hurricanes that 
spawned on the Gulf Coast, I can tell you that sitting one out is a
very terrifying experience, and the aftermath is miserable too.

So I hope that you will understand that I just feel like praying
for the safety of so many in Michael's path.  I hope you will
join me.

Despite the upheaval in the east, we still have two remaining
days of the Fall in Love With Texas Blog Tour.  I hope y'all
will stop by these sites and enjoy all the Fall decorating 

Fall In Love With Texas Tour Day 3

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My She Shed Named Sweet Tea Cottage

Sweet Tea Cottage is the name of my little She Shed and it's all
ready to show off for the Fall in Love With Texas Blog Tour.
Fall is officially here and it has even arrived in the mail box.
Such a welcoming sign with it's warm and cozy colors.  

I am so happy you are here.  

Despite the warm temps of the Texas Coastal Bend,  there is a lot
of Fall color in the garden surrounding the shed.  Mums, pumpkins,
and sun flowers are all blooming happily.

This little garden is a happy place.

From the wreath on the door ....

To the cozy garden chairs.

You will find something blooming all year here, and this spot
seems especially cheerful right now.

There is a little table and chairs all set for lunch too.

The weather has cooled off just enough and it is comfortable to
sit and chat.

Let's go inside.

Unfortunately, the plans to paint the interior last Fall were put on hold
after the tough days that followed Hurricane Harvey last year.  The
paint has been purchased to transform the interior walls and windows
will be installed too.  Despite it's rough look, it's still a cozy space,
and I am looking forward to the interior transformation that will
be starting soon.

This is my little stove filled with candles that give the space a warm 
and welcoming glow.

Vintage wicker furniture given a new and cozy look for Fall.

A little chandelier complete with pumpkins and leaves.

Sweet Tea Cottage is a tiny house with a big heart.  Thank you
for stopping by and letting me show you around.  Please stop by
and visit the other Lone Star Sisters who are participating in the
Fall in Love with Texas Blog Tour.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, October 8, 2018

Let The Texas Fall Blog Party Begin!

Hey Y'all ~ Let's get this party started!  The Lone Star Sisters are having
another annual Fall in Love With Texas Blog Tour.  Put on your best
party clothes and let's go!!

Today's participants are ...,

Let's Add Sprinkles
My Thrift Store Addiction
French Ethereal
Decor to Adore

Bentley and I are up tomorrow.  We have been hard at work all day
staging, taking photos, avoiding thunder and lightning, but we'll be
ready to roll early tomorrow morning.  Hope to see you then!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sneak Preview of My Fall She Shed

I have been playing in my She Shed all week, getting her ready to
join my Lone Star Sisters for the Fall Tour.  I have been planting
around the outside of the shed, and poofing up the inside too.
This is just a little peek ~ much more next week!

By the way, although my blog is named Ash Tree Cottage, my 
little She Shed has taken on a life of it's own and is now been
officially named ....

Sweet Tea Cottage

I hope that you come to love her as much as I do.  More details
about the tour this weekend.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

At Least I Didn't Cry Today

I was shunned by my neighbor again today.  I came outside with 
Bentley.  My neighbor was out with his three big dogs.  Bentley
started to head towards the fence because in the past, he loved
to visit with the big guys next door.  As soon as my neighbor saw
us, he grabbed the dogs and headed back inside.  Bentley was
left by the fence, whining.  

Little Bentley is blind, as you all know.  I try to keep things
as happy for him as I can.  It's hard to know if Bentley
feels sad about not being able to visit with his doggie
friends again, or not.  I picked Bentley up and gave him 
lots of kisses and hugs and we spent more time out in the
yard.  While the whole incident made me feel sad, I 
did not cry this time.  I won't give the neighbor that

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, October 1, 2018

Shame on Me

I will confess, these past couple of months have been very sad and
sometimes stressful ones for me.  I have not posted about them, because
I didn't want to bore you with my troubles, but these problems have
kept me from living a good life.

I have lived here in Texas for five years and I must admit, the move
and the consequences of this move have been hard for me.  As you
know I lost both my Mama and my beloved Aunt Susan during this
time and both of those losses have been tough for me.  Deaths in 
families happen, and they are always hard for the loved ones remaining,
but they are also part of life.  The sadness I have been feeling is
different from the loss of family members.  It's one of not fitting 
into the community.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have made and to have
kept friends for many years.  I have friends I have known since I 
was ten, and am so blessed to still have them in my life.   For some 
reason, I have not made any good friends here.  I can get beyond
that, but what I have not been able to get beyond is that some
have been really rude to me.  This rudeness has caused me to
become very withdrawn and afraid to reach out to others.  
Fortunately for me, I love my house and can spend my days and
evenings happily enjoying the comforts of home and garden.  
What has concerned me is that the unhappiness I have felt from
the unfriendliness has been eating away at my soul.  

Over the past few days, something has shifted for me.  It was
as though a little voice in my heart said "SHAME ON YOU, SUSAN".
So I did some soul searching and decided that I cannot allow the
people of this little town diminish my enthusiasm for life.  If they
don't like me, so what!  I know from past experience that I can
both make and keep friends.  They can no longer rob me from
living a happy life, and it's not necessary, nor is it healthy for me
to feel crushed by their refusal to accept me.   I refuse to stop
being kind, smiling at others and shining my light, but I won't 
care whether or not they return the gesture.  I am holding my
head up and living each day being happy.  

Thanks for listening.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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