Monday, October 22, 2018

It Feels Like England

It's gray, chilly and damp.  Just a couple of weeks ago I was hoping
for cooler weather.  Well, you know the old saying .... we got it!
It feels like England, but I have turned on the heat, yes, the heat.
I wore sweaters this weekend, and am wearing one again today.
We don't get the cool, crisp days here in South Texas, but I will
take what I can get.

David plays golf despite the weather.  He just puts on a rain shirt and
heads out to the links.  Bentley and I, being more sensible types, stay
inside and stay cozy.  

This cooler weather has forced me to ditch my shorts and sandals,
and go through my winter/fall wardrobe.  I love Fall clothes!  I have
also realized that I need some new jeans, so I spent all weekend 
scanning the online shops for some new ones.  I have a tough time
buying jeans.  It is always my least favorite item of clothing to buy.
I am super tiny, all 5' 1" of me.  Yes, I cling to that inch for dear life.
I am also thin with teeny tiny bones.  I probably should shop in the
kids department.  The clothes would be cheaper, but thank goodness
that many women's fashions now come in petite.  Yet, buying jeans
is always a struggle.  I like them to look trim, without being too
tight, but I certainly don't want to swim in them.  

A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of "girlfriend jeans" from Talbots.
I was apprehensive about my purchase after I hit the buy button, but
they arrived and I love them!  I will probably have to start a 
fashion feature to show you what I buy.  I ordered a second pair of
jeans from Talbots too, in a different style, and they fit well too.  Now
I know where to go.  I realized I have a couple of blazers too that have
been hiding in my closet.  I decided to send them to the cleaners and
start wearing them too.  

Working from home has made me very lax about my wardrobe.  I
tend to live in sweats.  Comfy, but hardly fashionable.  I need to step
up my game, if for no one but me.  Fixing myself up really changes
my attitude for the better.

That's all for now.  I am actually (hard to believe) in a organizational
mood today.  I have to take advantage of that mood when it strikes.
Have a great Monday, and we'll connect again later in the week.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Beautiful!!! What is more cozy and comfortable than plaids, checks and prints added together in such a warm and wonderful way. You have an amazing talent for mixing these textiles together . . . believe me it is an art :)
    Have an incredible day!
    Connie :)

  2. You have a lovely home. It's nice to see something that isn't down on the farm, white, chippy, shabby. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  3. Your home looks so inviting--a short, cozy trip to England. I gave up on ordering clothes (and shoes) online. I would be lucky to find one thing that would fit out of every 10. I'll check out Talbots.

  4. I'm loving this cooler weather, even with he rainy days. Unfortunately Austin is under severe water conditions. Austin's water source is surface water from Lake Austin. With all the recent flooding, it has left the water full of silt and other things. The treatment plants are having difficulty treated the water sufficently. Thus we are under restrictions of use and are required to boil our water for drinking. Not certain how long this will last!

  5. Well for goodness sakes Susan-I didn’t know you were so short. I too am short. I used to be your height but since visiting the chiropractor regularly I have grown an inch-for real! I am excited to see what clothing you pick out since I can relate. However I am no longer tiny. I have gained a few pounds. ��. As always I love your cozy cheerful home. Oh and the checked curtains��. Just like mine����and red! Yay for beautiful color and timeless decor.

  6. I don't like jeans and don't wear them often. I love long skirts and when the water is really cold I wear leggings under them. I always thin fall is the perfect time for organizing. your home looks very cozy. xo Laura

    1. That was supposed to be weather not water. I really don't wear skirts while swimming in cold water. LOL

  7. Yes we have turned the heat on here too - but just to take the chill away in the morning - gotta say - I love Fall! Your Fall looks lovely!


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