Friday, October 12, 2018

Latching Onto and Trying to Hold a Memory

As I go about my day, I sometimes hear a song, or notice something 
that triggers a happy memory from the past.  The image may be a bit
foggy, like looking through a wet and humid window, and yet it
can seem so real that I can imagine I might reach out, touch it, and
hold onto all the joy of that special moment.  

The memory can be more recent.  A happy moment,
a beautiful sunset, a moonlit walk.  A little
treasure that is stored in my heart and pulled out
when needed.

Or perhaps it may be a fuzzy moment from the past of a loved one
who is now dearly missed.  

I often try to hold onto those treasured moments for longer periods of
time.  It's like looking through an open doorway.  I get a glimpse of 
what is on the other side, yet I have no way to get there.  I try to
grab the memory and hold on, but it slips away from me.

I once read that old episodes of I Love Lucy are streaming through
the Universe and perhaps other beings on other planets may pick 
up that signal.  Our thoughts are energy too.  Are they also 
streaming through the Universe to some unknown destination?

If time is an illusion and is limited by our thought, and God lives
in a different dimension that we cannot grasp, what will Heaven
be like for us?  Will we walk through a doorway and all the 
memories we collected on earth will be saved for us like a movie
is saved to a DVD?   I wonder about it.  Do you?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful post. I have no idea what heaven will be like...I think my brain is too limited to even begin to imagine!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I can't say what heaven will be like but I do believe that memories are indeed alive so to speak.
    It is the memories passed on us from our parents and families and friends that make us who we are and I believe that when we ourselves become just memories it just binds us to all we have known and loved in this life forever.

    Blessed be

  3. What a beautiful post! Since we really have no information, I choose to believe in Heaven and all our loved ones who wait for us there.

  4. Yes, I hope they are waiting of us .... all of them, specially pets.

  5. I think Heaven is so far beyond what we can understand, we just won't know until we get there. There's so much about it I wonder about.

  6. Lost my comment, grrrr... I think it is all beyond our earthly understanding but I do believe that we are connected to those that have passed over. I lost my dad at 21 but have often felt his presence very strongly and, like you, have felt there is a door between this world and the next. Old songs, scents, places bring back a plethora of memories for me. Have a blessed weekend. xo Diana

  7. hi Susan, im so excited to be catching up on my fave blogs today! love your post - Funny too b/c I just watched I LOVE LUCY this week. Last August 2017, my Dad passed and today would be his birthday, so I'm pretty sentimental remembering the good times. Glad to know others like u are the same way. Have a great weekend sweet lady oxox

  8. Thia was so beautiful Susan...I long for my parents and my thought always turn back the clock to those good memories...often....very relatable thoughts.

  9. truly, your post echoes the song "I can only imagine". I wonder too.

  10. Funny you should write about this....I lately find myself going back to the past.

  11. I love how your photos perfectly illustrate what you're trying to say. This won't be popular, but I don't believe in a heaven. I think the very notion of it holds us back. I keeps you waiting and hoping for something better. I believe we're given one amazing life. The time is now! I spend little time looking back. I want to be totally engaged in the present. If this is all I have, and I believe it is, I want to relish every moment. I find it astounding that in all the universe, in all its great vastness, only a small part of which we can see, that I exist! I live, and breathe, and create, and love. It's stunning really, and exhilarating. Live!


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