Monday, October 29, 2018

Help! I Am in Desperate Need of Recipe Inspiration!!

It's been Fall now for several weeks.  I should be really enthusiastic about
cooking, but for whatever reason, I am not.  Lately it seems like I would
rather do anything but cook.  I never believed this would happen to me.
I am getting tired of all my tried and true favorites.  I don't even want to
go out to eat.  The restaurants in this town are pretty sad.  On Saturday
afternoon we were running around town doing some errands, and we
decided to stop at one of the few places we like for lunch.  The outdoor
patio over looking the river was packed, so we ate inside.  We had
worked our way through the menu several times in the past, and since
neither of us had ever eaten a hamburger there, it's what we both
chose.  How do you ruin a hamburger???  You can if you cook it until
it is dry as shoe leather.  

Aside from a deli in town we like, we are quickly running through
all of our other options.  Even our club, which was always a safe bet,
isn't as good as it once was.  This leads me to no other option ...,


I need inspiration.  I need the fairy of cooking to land on my shoulder
and whisper creative cooking ideas into my ear.  I'm putting in a tall order.
I want tasty, but not too many calories.  I want it to be nutrient dense and
I want the portions to be just the right size, not to big or not too small.  I
want it to be simple, easy and with minimal clean up.  In other words, I 
want what seems to be the impossible!  

How will I find that???  I think what I will do is try one of the food package
delivery services.  You know the kind, the ones where you list your food
preferences and they send you a box filled with enough groceries to serve
two (or whatever number) of people for three or four days.  I have watched
a couple of YouTubers who like this service, so maybe it will work for me.

Yes, I do believe it is my only current hope.  I am quite sure that I will be
unable to convince, or to afford, Michael, Patricia Altschul's butler to come
work for me.  Michael is really good with dogs, and I am sure he would
prepare some lovely meals for Bentley too.  Have you ever seen Michael on
Southern Charm?  Of course, Mr Carson, or a Mr Carson clone would be
wonderful too, but then Mr Carson didn't cook.  Mrs Patmore would be
ideal, but then I would just want to hang out all day in the kitchen listening
to her charming accent.

I suppose a package food delivery is my only realistic option.  I
will let you know how it goes.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I just found this cookbook on the library online collection and it inspired me. "The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever," by Beatrice Ojakangas. Casseroles are so easy and often great a second time around. Hope you get inspired! Blessings!

    1. Thank you! We both love casseroles and I will be checking this out!!

  2. I am curious as to what food service you might use - one of the meal prep companies perhaps? There are so many choices these days...good luck ♥

    1. I will let you know which one. There are so many now!!

  3. I need some inspiration too. Usually cool weather makes me want to pop something in the oven every day but not this year. It's been a very bad year for me and it has left me in a frumpy mood. I've never seen Southern Charm-is it a reality show? You're talking my language when it comes to Downton Abbey. There's nothing on tv appealing to me except Young Sheldon and re-runs of Perry Mason/Matlock. I'm not a reality show person & became sick of house makeovers. I loved HGTV when it had lots of gardening and crafts but then the house makeovers ruined the channel for me. I watch all the seasons of Poirot, then Downton Abbey, then Midsomer Murders, then Waking the Dead and finally Keeping Up Appearances. Then I hit the replay button and go through all of them again. It's a real shame. I have my favorite movies on DVD so I pot them in now and then...especially the holiday ones.

    1. Southern Charm is a reality show. I usually don't like those shows, but this one has some funny characters and I love Patricia's house!

  4. I've thought about those meal delivery options too--what holds me back is all the packing and packaging; some of it can be recycled, some not. It seems like such a waste. I guess I'll stick with the old way.

    1. I'll let you know about the packaging. I'm guessing much of it is recycle ready. So much packaging is now.

  5. I keep wondering where Hazel is when I need her.............she cooks fabulous meals and desserts and best of all she keeps house as well. I guess she is too happy with Mr B and Missy Baxter. A girl can dream right??? I hope your cooking inspiration will return soon but until it does your idea sounds great.

    1. I agree! We keep ringing for Jeeves, but he never comes, lol!

  6. There is a blog called: Dessert for Two. There are main dish recipes for two also. You can also find the recipes from this blog on Pinterest. Anyways, I like the recipes and that the measurements and portions are already figured out for me. I have tried some of the recipes and so far they are all good.

  7. I rarely toot my own horn, but I promise, I share the best recipes on the planet, each one developed and tested for years by me. Check it out. You might find something that interests you. I promise, they are all delicious.


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