Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I Have a Soft Spot for Staffordshire

For those of you who visit me often, you know that when you stop
by, you will not find the latest trends here.  In fact, you won't find
much that is trendy here at all.  No fake fur pillows, no shiplap, etc.  
There is nothing wrong with any of that, but it's not me, and it will 
never be where my decorating dollars go.

My style is very much English Country Cottage.  I love the warmth
and coziness of it all, and I especially love Staffordshire.  It just
sings to me and it has for many years now.  When I go up to 
Round Top for Antique Week, I tend to spend most of my time at
Marburger Farm and the Big Red Barn.  I know from experience, 
that I will find something I love there.  

I don't even have to buy anything, I just love looking around and
appreciating all the beautiful displays of pieces I love.

These collections also make me think of lovely table settings.  I have
scrapbooks full of elegant tables.  I have saved these photos for years.
I know I have to polish it, but I still love silver, especially sterling.  
If you want to start your own collection, just remember that you don't 
have to buy everything at once.  You might think of beginning with
serving pieces that will work with the flatware you currently own.

Here some darling vintage dogs.  Oh how I love these.

What makes this hutch so interesting is that it is filled with a mixture of
antique books, candlesticks, binoculars and an old telescope.  It is
a fascinating collection of well loved pieces used in a different way.

Well, that's it for today.  The weather turned quite cold here, or at
least quite cold for South Texas.  I had to dig out some warm socks,
and a sweater too.  It's a huge change from the mid to upper 80's
we had last week!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh yes English transferware and staffordshire dogs are my style
    I have always wanted to visit the marburger flea market

  2. I loved your post, I appreciate the new decorating that a lot of people are into these days but it's definitely not for me. I even just love the feel and the weight of the antique china. English transfer ware is one of my favorites, there are so many patterns and they are all beautiful

  3. You are my kindred spirit. I too love English cottage--it's like home for my soul. I collect those little ol' dogs too. Loved this post!!

  4. Susan, I love this post. I agree with everything you said and I thank you for teaching us a little bit. Since you are a designer I love hearing your bits of advice.


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