Monday, June 28, 2010

Pillow Love for a Blue Monday

Pillows ... love, love, love them!! They are everywhere in the cottage. You will find them in old rocking chairs, on the sofa, on the bed. Since there is quite a lot of blue in the cottage, you'll find lots of blue pillows too. Many of them have pink flowers on a blue background ... like these. There are vintage ones, new ones and needlepoint pillows too.

My sweet hubby puts up with my pillow addiction, but I know he doesn't understand it. Ah well ... viva la difference!! Thank you for visiting me today and be sure to stop by and visit Smiling Sally for her Blue Monday party!!

What's that Bentley? You don't understand why we have so many pillows either, but you like all the quilts!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan,

    I'll bet that Bentley likes some of those pretty blue pillows to nestle in.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Those are the prettiest pillows. I love them, too. So does my Suzi. She knocks them over and sleeps on them.

  3. Beautiful pillows, looks very "cottage".

  4. Love your porch and love your pillows!


  5. I love all your pillows... especially that needlepoint one!

  6. All your pillows are pretty, but I really love the needlepoint one. I'd have pillows all over the place, too, but they tend to frighten the hubby for some reason!
    Happy Blue Monday! from Joy @ Joysweb

  7. I love pillows too, but hubbies just don't get it!! Perhaps you should call your cottage blue cottage!

  8. Ooo, those are beautiful pillows, Susan. Really pretty :) Happy Blue Monday~

  9. I just found your beautiful blog. I am falling in love........with blue all over again. Yours are lovely.


  10. Greetings to you and to Bentley too!!! It would seem there's many lil things that Hubby's just don't get about us ;0)
    Happy Blue Monday do click on over to mine,I'd be honored
    ~~~Blessings and Hugs~~~Dena

  11. I love pillows to Susan!
    And i LOVE LOVE that needlepoint pillow! I am really falling for the colour blue.
    My husband doesn't get the pillow thing either! They drive him crazy!
    Pamela xo

  12. You have a very nice selection of pillows. I like seeing them used. They make for great accent pieces. Bentley probably has a hard time trying to decided which one to use.

  13. Very beautiful designs on the pillows.

  14. Oh I love that blue pillow...beautiful!

  15. Susan,
    Love your pretty pillows! I know Bentley loves them, too!!! Have a good evening. It's way past my bedtime, but had to check in on my dear friends :)

  16. Not everyone understands the need for pillows. But I do! Cute, comfy, cozy all my favorite things. Mimi

  17. I have an addiction to pillows too..and yours are just so sweet, so delicate, so precious and I WANT THEM! :):)

  18. I love your pillows.
    I was thinking what Sally said, that Bentley likely loves to settle in the pillows. Our Chloe and Bandit often curl up on a pile of pillows. They are chihuahuas. Your Bentley is adorable!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  19. Happy Blue Monday on a Tuesday Morning!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Your pillows are lovely.
    I find that I am beginning to gravitate towards cottage style - it blends my upbringing in Europe with my 'comfort memories' of my grandparents house and it is nice and cozy. I like cozy :-)

  20. I especially love your needlepoint! My husband says he needs a picture to remake the bed when I am not at home---so he can get the pillows right :). There is something luxurious to me about lots of pillows! Hope your trifle turns out well! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Your vintage blue pillows are so lovely! Just gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful day!


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