Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Aimee ~ The Crafty Farm Girl

Okay all you farm chicks ~ grab your aprons
and ...

your boots too.  We are headed over to meet 
Country Living Reader's Choice Nominee
Aimee ...

Aimee is a delightful and talented woman who lives in an upscale town
in suburban Connecticut.  She is not one of the "yoga and Starbucks" crowd 
but in her heart she is a real farm girl.  She raises goats.  Like these little
sweethearts ...

Kiki and Grace.  Could they be any cuter ~ NO!

Lots of chickens!

She spends her vacations in Wyoming ~ so she's my next door neighbor.
I'm just melting looking into the eye of this sweet horse.
Ya'll know how much I love horses!

She plans to have a cowgirl retreat one day named Saddlebags where women of 
all ages will be able to unleash their inner cowgirls.
Yee Haw ~ sign me up Aimee!

She is a true Renaissance woman who once designed sewing patterns for
Simplicity and worked as an assistant to Martha Stewart before Martha
became famous.  

She has been published by Minwax for her book about restoring furniture.

Check out her fabulous recipes too!
Is there anything this farm girl cannot do?  I don't think so.

Just take a look at this fabulous chicken coop!  Aimee ~ if you ever decide
to go into construction, my husband has a job reserved for you!

Here is her rooster ~ King Strut.  All the girls in the coop must be

I am saying my cowgirl prayers for Aimee to win the 
Country Living Reader's Choice Award.  But she also needs your VOTES.
So please mosey on over to visit

and see for yourself what a talented farm girl she is!

I am joining


Bentley ~ maybe Aimee can convince you that we should have our
own chickens too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi there, I'm so glad you posted this because I'm going to not only vote for Aimee but also go check out her blog-but I love what I saw from your post. I'm in for a retreat too if she ever has one. Have a great day.

  2. Susan ~ thank you SO much for introducing us to Aimee. I am going over now. She just sounds like a gal after my own heart. (((Hugs))) to y you and Bentley. Hey Bentley, want chickens? Mindy loves them (ha ha) ;-)

  3. What a nice post! I will check it out. I love the little pygmy goats! :)

    Come by and say Hi! I'm having a giveaway.:)


  4. OMG I love those goats. I hope they have a very long and happy life, they are adorable. I like the picture of the horses eye, I took one like that a long time ago. I must find it. I love your blog

  5. I really enjoyed reading about this amazing lady! Love the cute apron, too! I need to make one of those! ♥ I already have some boots! ♥


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