Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Are So Lucky

On this 10th anniversary of 9/11 ~ I am reminded of the 
privilege we have to live in this country.  We can enjoy our lives with
those we love.  We are free to enjoy freedom and happiness.

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful country and to 
enjoy it's bounties.

We are free to be creative.

Most of us will never know what it is to go hungry.

We can enjoy simple pleasures.

And the special little things that bring us delight.

I am happy to call this great land home.
May we continue to enjoy our freedom and may we never
forget how fragile life is.

I am happy to join

God Bless us all.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Not much more to say than a hearty 'AMEN'!

  2. Well said and may we never forget.

  3. AMEN to that, and beautiful photos:)

  4. Amen to your words, Susan..
    your photos are so very American and thank you for that. they were a joy to see.

  5. All true and I am so grateful for it all!

  6. Amen! Thank you for the photos and words. xo

  7. We are indeed very lucky, Susan and Bentley. Beautiful post and such a wonderful reminder...Christine

  8. You are so right Susan, it is such a privilege to live in the USA...Even with it's struggles this is by far the best place to be! Give Bentley a little scratch on the ear for me...

  9. Such a lovely post, Susan. You are right, we ARE so lucky.


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