Monday, September 19, 2011

Susan and Bentley's Stress Relief Program

Have you been feeling frazzled lately?

Are you so busy that you often wish there were two of you
to get everything done on the "To Do List"?

Are your days so hectic that you don't know whether things are up ...

or down?

Come join Bentley and me as we take you on our one month
Stress Relief Program.

I made the decision yesterday that my life is just spinning
out of control.  I try to do too much and I fret over not
accomplishing it all.  I am edgy and irritable.  In my defense I 
will say that the last several years have been filled with lots of
worry and anguish.  But that's not an excuse, because we all go
through stressful times.

So ... I'm making changes that will calm me down and help me
be the person I need to be for my loved ones.

Today starts week one:  Exercise

Adding exercise into my daily routine.  It's the best way to get
rid of stress.  Yoga, going for a walk, strength training a couple of 
times per week.  Tennis lessons at the park?  Anything to get me
moving to work off the stress.  I used to be so faithful about exercise,
but in the past year, I have not taken the time to do it.  So I am
making the commitment to work some form of exercise into each and
every day.

Will you join me?

Bentley votes for lots of walkies!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I would LOVE to join you and Bentley for a stroll! Our life is so similar, Susan! I was just thinking yesterday that if I had a little help with my space (like my friends do) I would get sooo much more done!!

    Take time for YOU!


  2. Sounds great! I will join you. I am going to do some yoga this morning. Thanks for the reminder of how great exercise is for us.

  3. I can so relate to this! Great start on destressing!

  4. I think I really do need to join you and Bentley in the stress relief program. I always feel like I'm behind and hurrying to catch up.

  5. I will join you - stress seems to be my middle name lately. Walking is just the ticket and something I forget to do each day.


  6. Hi Susan and Bentley, I'd love to walk with you! I actually walk with a neighbor and her pup four times a week and we also do strength training together twice a week. I go on long bike rides but need to do that more. Great job; you'll both enjoy it.

  7. Exercise is always a good start, have fun:@)

  8. ahh, the times i wish i had a dog! something i can't excuse or say "not now" to. perhaps the cat will allow me to leash her up? i'm pretty sure that's a no. good luck on your new routine and i hope you feel destressed and relaxed.

  9. I feel the same way! My life is spinning out of control!
    I just started going to the gym again last thursday, and I will be going 2 times a week.

    I can't wait to see the rest of the plan!! so far, I'm right there with you!!!

    YOU are awesome! So is Bentley!!!

  10. Lots of stress over hair is falling out.
    Cooper and I will join you... (his fur isn't falling out though!)

  11. Exercise is a wonderful de-stresser. Hope it works wonders for you. It also works wonders for the highs and hips.LOL!! Ok, you've convinced me I should start exercising again.

  12. Susan,
    I would love to join you and Bentley! I agree, we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. I'm on board!

  13. Bonnie and I definitely need to join you in our efforts as I have recovered from my surgery and I need to exercise! :D


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