Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A What Was I Thinking Moment

Yesterday I started painting my living room walls this color ~
Heavy Cream.

A perfectly fine color, but one chosen in a moment of 
design amnesia.

"What could I have been thinking when I chose this color?",  I said to
myself as I finished painting 1/4 of a a wall.  "This isn't me!!!"

I promptly went through my paint chips and there it was ~
the color I should have chosen:  

Beach House

It's so me.  

What a relief.  I must have been momentarily overtaken by a design virus
that left me stricken with design amnesia.

So here is the new and final plan.  Beach House blue walls with white wainscoting.
Then I want to add a coffered ceiling.  I'll have to sell hubby on this idea
to get his carpenters over here to build it for me.

Are you relieved too Bentley?  Bentley doesn't care ~ he's outside
chasing a cat out of his yard!

Susan and Bentley


  1. After too many days blog-hopping, I sometimes get the odd urge to paint the walls some form of white. But then I look at my happy "vintage" green, and sigh. It's ME. :)
    Love that blue--and the fabric swatch--swoon!

  2. Susan ~ that happens to me too~! Your beach cottage colour is perfect ~ have fun and I can't wait to see what it looks like ~ PLEASE show pictures ;-)

  3. the color and fabric are so lovely together.

  4. it's going to look lovely in blue! Can't wait to see an "after" picture.

  5. Of course the beach cottage blue is YOU! I love it too!

  6. Your beach cottage color is divine! Have loads of fun and I can't wait to see more.

  7. Wow! I want a beach cottage with those colors!!! Beautiful! That blue is one of the most beautiful blues ever seen! I can't wait to see the finished product..
    Mele hits the back yard every morning pretending there is a cat out there..(there isn't a single thing" but she looks over her shoulder to see if I am watching! Silly girl!
    At least Bentley's is real! Poor Mele!

  8. Big difference between those 2 colors. Good thing you figured out what you like before you finished the room. I painted our office from a cheery lime green to a muted mauve and I wish I hadn't. oy!
    Happy painting~

  9. I love the blue and think it will look beautiful with the wainscoting and coffered ceiling. Nice!!


  10. The heavy cream is definitely me, but the beach house blue is lovely, too! Are you painting the wainscoting heavy cream?


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