Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Kitchen Island

One thing I knew for sure when I moved into this house was
that I wanted a new kitchen island.  There are quite a few changes
that will be made to this kitchen to make it truly "mine" and
many of those are decorative.
But ...

I am also practical and know that extra counter and storage space
no matter how large or small a kitchen is always appreciated.

I thought a lot about the style I might want and considered different
options, but when I saw this one I decided it was a good choice
for me.  It is rustic and has a cozy farmhouse feel to it.
Just my style!

It will be fun staging and also setting out cookie trays on it.

And it will be a great compliment to the farmhouse sink that
David bought me for my birthday last year.  I am so looking 
forward to getting that installed.

Well, I am off to do more staging in my office.  I hope to
show you some of that tomorrow.  Have a wonderful
Sunday everyone and Bentley says hi too!

Seasonal Sunday

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love your new kitchen counter island it looks so cool and useful,, so many cupboards for things and I love the style, you will get so much use from this I can tell....Phyllis

  2. Your new kitchen AND your new kitchen island look great. I think you're getting your stamp on this new house very quickly. I'm really enjoying seeing all of the steps.

    As always, thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Love your new island! Perfect for your kitchen. Love the chunky legs!!

    Great choice.


  4. It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a huge and bright, cheerful and wonderful kitchen you have now - wow - going to be so nice for you both for entertaining, etc.

    Nice choice on your island, it is awesome.

  5. I'm loving your kitchen, Susan and that island is perfect there!!

  6. love your new island..
    such a great kitchen to cook and bake in..

    enjoy every moment of your new home.

  7. Love the kitchen, and the island is perfect. Lots of storage space for you.

  8. I love the rustic feel of your island.

  9. Oh my goodness - it's beautiful. What a great choice!!

  10. Looks great, Sister! Love the flooring, too!
    Bentley, maybe Mama will accidently leave some cookies on the bottom shelf to cool!

  11. Oh, it's very pretty! I so wish I had room in my kitchen for one. But I've tried and there just isn't room to walk around even the smallest island idea I've come up with.

  12. What a perfect new island and work table!! Rustic and farm house it!!!

  13. Love, Love, Love your farmhouse island. Just perfect for a country farmhouse kitchen ~ <3

  14. Love this island...pretty and practical!

  15. Love your new island. Let me know when those cookies are ready :)

  16. You have a beautiful kitchen, and your island looks amazing as well! I like how it is as it fits perfectly in the area. It anchors the space and you have a storage for those red casseroles at the same time. Was it a customized design or did you somehow spot it at a virtual store?

    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Exteriors LLC


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