Saturday, September 14, 2013

That's One Big Gator!

Captain Mark Robinson is a fishing guide.  He delivered some
really delicious fresh caught flounder to our house
a couple of weeks ago.  

But Mark does not only cast his bait for fish ~ he
also baits and traps alligators.  He caught this one
in Calhoun County Texas just a couple of days ago.
Wow 13 feet 4 inches and approximately 780 pounds.
He is hoping to win the gator fest this year.  

I for one would hate to have to tangle with this
bad boy!  Bentley and I will not be visiting any of the
nearby lakes or bayous any time soon.   I have no
desire to get up close and personal with any of
these gators.  Scary stuff.  But I can't help but
wonder how many pairs of boots will be made from
the hide of this poor creature.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Scary to think this critter was living in Texas. I suspect this one just might win!

  2. Wow that is one scary critter! How on earth do you "catch" one without being pulled overboard?

  3. Sadly, I think that they bait it and then when it's trapped they shoot it in the head.

  4. Oh good grief, that thing is frightening!!!! Can you imagine running up on a creature that big and scary???

  5. I was thinking it was a joke when I saw the first photo. That thing is tremendous - his head alone! I cannot imagine living anywhere near one of those. Our poor dogs would be a mere appetizer. Can't help but say, I'm happy he's captured.

    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos of you settling into your new home.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Oh my, that one would give me nightmares!

  7. I hate them almost as much as snakes. I would NEVER go in the back yard if they were close by. You and Bentley be careful.

  8. oh my that is one reason I love New England nothing like that walking around, it is safe to let your children and animals go swimming in our beautiful lakes. Oh that scares me!

  9. Welcome back to the gulf coast of Texas! ;)

  10. Good GRIEF I would not want to encounter one of those!

  11. Susan, if Texas is like Florida, they can be found in ANY body of water including fenced retaining ponds. Please don't take any chances with Bentley. Our neighbors lost a little Ausie Terrier to one. He was sitting a foot from the canal's edge and when the gator swooped out and grabbed him. There was nothing they could do. Our grandchildren (now 4 teens) have been raised with a terror of water down here. Once I took them to NH and they were all horrified that I dove into a lake. I was raised up there and had to convince them that gators can't survive northern winters.

  12. Sweet Jesus. Look at the size of that! I will take the flounder thank you - not the Gator ;-)

  13. I hope I never see one of those up close and personal!

  14. Holy SMOKKKESSS! Where can I get some shoes and a purse made? :)

    Have a blessed day!

  15. I though Alligator bags and shoes where a no no ...a long time ago...

  16. I'm with you. Stay out of the bayous. That is one heck of a scary welcome to Texas, my friend. xo Laura

  17. That is one very large gator! My dad lives on a lake in Florida and we see gators all the time. There was a huge one close to shore just today. You do have to be careful, especially with pets and children.

  18. I just don't think I could handle having those things around!

  19. I don't blame you and Bentley I would not do well if I ran into one.

  20. Oh my heavens!

    That thing is HUGE! The head alone is so large ---
    comparing it to the size of the men in the photo.
    I did not realize TX had those giant creatures!
    Whoa. Please be careful and keep little Bentley close.


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