Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where I Have Been and What I Have Been Doing

The last room to be unpacked and staged, yet a most important
room for me ~ my office

This room has been the "catch all" lots of boxes full of things we did 
yet have a home for.  When we moved in and the movers asked me 
where to go with a box, I often said "to the office."  Needless to say,
the end result was a modge podge of stuff.  However, being the
stubborn and determined person I am, I did not let it overwhelm
me for long.

So I have spent the last couple of days sorting through boxes and
moving furniture and letting the room speak to me.  Very soon I
will be able to show you the result.  I will just tell you that I 
am having lots of fun creating a cozy spot to share with you.

Bentley ~ did you find the extra toys that mama just unpacked
for you?  Did you miss them and are you happy to see
them once again?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Sounds like you are on the home stretch. Have fun with your office. '-)

  2. So glad that you are almost finished with your unpacking. Then you can kick off your shoes and relax with Bentley.

  3. I see some wonderful plantation shutters there - who wouldn't love those! You have gotten so much done!

  4. Can't wait to see the completed project!

  5. Way to go girl..that's great to be on the last room....It took me months to get my house unpacked when we moved.....and now, once again I have a room that looks just like yours and I am just not inspired to get in there....it is in dire need of some of my organizing skills....
    Love, Mona

  6. You seems to be moving right along. One room to go...amazing. I cannot wait to see the whole house revealed.

  7. I do not envy you the work ahead of you. You certainly have a can do attitude and I am looking forward to seeing your office when it is finished.

  8. Too funny..I moved almost a year ago..There is a storage area in the back of the garage..When the movers asked me that question..I replied "in the hole"..That was so jam packed..to the ceiling..I couldn't reach half of it..That was fun!!!

  9. I'll be waiting to see the finished product! I guess Bentley must be happy you found his toys!

  10. They will be like all new toys to him.


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