Friday, October 18, 2013

Bar Harbor Wicker Rocker for the Dollhouse

I just received this little wicker rocker in the mail yesterday.
Isn't it cute?  It's for the new dollhouse I am building.

It makes me think of a sunny afternoon on a big porch.  
I just saw a tutorial about lighting up the dollhouse.  Now
that I know it's not so hard I will be looking for lamps too.
I believe that I am actually starting to enjoy decorating mini
homes more than big ones!

But all of that will have to stay on the back burner for this 
afternoon.  Mom and I will be cleaning five pounds of Texas
Gulf shrimp that our friend Captain Mark Robinson gave us.
Remember Captain Mark?  He's the one that caught that 
huge alligator in Calhoun County.  I showed you all a pic
of that a few weeks ago.  I think I would rather be on shrimp
boat than hunting gators.

It's raining outside, but I am going to put on some New Orleans jazz,
tie on an apron and start peeling and cleaning shrimp.  None of
the shells will go to waste and I will share a recipe for shrimp
stock with you tomorrow.

Okay Mom ~ tie on that apron and let's get peeling.  And
Bentley ~ you can curl up in your dog bed in the kitchen and
keep us company.

Big Texas Gulf Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Your doll house wicker looks so cute! Shrimp? Yummy! Our family got together last weekend for a low country boil...soooo good!
    Have a great weekend...

  2. Linda sua Casa de Bonecas...Lindo a casa que você esta montando....A cadeira de Vime e delicada e maravilhosa,tão pequenina....
    Que linda esta sua almofada na janela...Que gostoso este lugar.Gosto muito de Camarão,mas sempre compro descascado....Vou voltar para ver a receita.
    vasinhos Coloridos

  3. You are probably going to have your dollhouse finished before I even get started! What style are you doing yours in? I haven't completely decided, therefore, I haven't bought a lot of stuff for it yet.

    Enjoy that shrimp!


    1. I am going to decorate this one completely shabby chic. I'm going to make it a one girl only type of cottage filled with pinks and florals and mostly white furniture. The kind of place I would live in if I lived alone. Don't count on me being finished before you. At the rate I am going you may well be screaming past me ;-)

  4. You amaze me with your doll houses. Everything so perfect and makes you wish you were a doll. That little wicker chair wins the prize.

  5. The wicker rocker is adorable. I love it. peeling shrimp with your mom sounds like such fun ~ Can't wait for the recipe ;-)

  6. I love your vignettes with the rocker and all the pretty china! The gulf shrimp sounds delish! When we were in San Diego we would get five pound lugs of shrimp and my Dad would put on the most wonderful shrimp boils....the house would smell so good and spicy! Just talking about it makes me hungry!
    ♥ Jil

  7. Hoping this week-end finds you filled with peace...alot of joy..and some coziness..

  8. Hi Susan, I'm always attracted to miniature furniture and furnishings and even mini houses! I'm loking forward to seeing your shabby chic house when it is finished (or even before!). Linda

  9. Love, love, love GULF COAST SHRIMP! We live in KC and are huge fans of the Alabama/Florida pan handle area. I am so jealous of your shrimp gift! :) My father built me a doll house when I was a little parents still have it...set up on a cardtable in the basement of their home and now my daughter and sons love to play with it. My father wired it for electricity when I was a kid...I had little lamps in the kitchen, parlor, and on top of the piano. A few years ago, my dad strung Christmas lights on the outside of it and my mom hung greenery every where...just like a real home. Have fun!!!

    1. How wonderful that your dollhouse is still at your parent's house and that now your own kids are enjoying it. It sounds like your parents have never allowed the little child who lives within each of them to die. And that's a good thing! I bet their home is filled with love and your kids are lucky to have such special grandparents.

  10. Fresh shrimp aounds wonderful. Love your sweet new little rocker. xo Laura


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