Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Sister Robin

This post is dedicated to my "sister" Robin Carr, also know as

Here is Robin with her husband Dan.
Robin and I are not sisters by birth but we are adopted sisters
via blogland.  What you may not know about us is that we are
both only children.  We both started our blogs at about the
same time three years ago.  We discovered one another very
early on and quickly became friends. And soon we adopted
one another.

We both share a love of old movies and both decorate our homes to
reflect that passion.

It is absolutely spooky how much we love the same things!

We watch and re~watch every single episode of
The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  We have every script
memorized!  Don't we Robin?

We both love the old episodes of Bewitched too and I remember when Robin
found this vintage Flair stove and could hardly wait to pick it up and
bring it home.  Isn't it wonderful?  I grew up in a house that had one
just like it.

We both have these exact same vintage Ethan Allen Windsor Comb Back
chairs ~ except that I painted mine black.

And we both love Gerard Colcord, architect to the stars.
And we both love family, friends and of course our dogs!

Happy Birthday Robin!

There is no one like you dear sister.
May every day be a joy filled one for you.
I always wanted a sister and now I have the
best one.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Thank you! You are sooooo sweet to do this, sister! Much love!

  2. How grand you found each other and now are sisters.

  3. Happy birthday, Robin - so glad you found each other through blogging and became sisters!


  4. Happy Birthday, Robin! What a sweet thing to do, Susan. You two do have a lot in common, but just for the record.......I grew up in a home with the same kind of stove. It's the one thing from our family home that my niece really wanted but didn't have room for. On hind sight, she should have stored it. '-)

  5. How wonderful that you two have found each other through blogland. This is so very special. Cherish each moment and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Decorating Tennis Girl ~ It's wonderful to see such good friends celebrate each other ;-)

  6. Robin and I share the exact same birthday!!!!



  7. Hi Susan,
    What a special tribute to your special friend! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Take care,

  8. That was a sweet thing to do, I'll add my congratulations to Robin as well!

  9. Susan...What a wonderful thing that you found each other blogging. What's the saying that -Something about Related by birth- Sisters by choice. God bless and Happy Birthday to Robin- xo Diana

  10. Sweet post Susan..Happy Birthday Robin..

  11. Happy birthday to Robin. What a sweet tribute. xo Laura

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  13. What a wonderful tribute! Blogland is a wonderful way to meet kindred spirits.

    - The Tablescaper


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