Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Creativity Muse

Have you ever lost your muse?  I feel like I have lost mine.

It's as though when I moved away to another state, my
muse stayed behind.  Where is it and why is it hiding?

I think my muse feels abandoned.  Perhaps in the midst of
packing and moving, my muse felt left out and deserted.

I think I need to spend a bit of time just being quiet and waiting for
it's return.

Because I am missing my friend.
So I will wait patiently for it's return.

While I am waiting, Bentley will be hunting
lizards.  Seems he has found a new calling.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Bentley likes lizards and Miss Twiggley likes seems they are both easily amused, unlike us people. LOL

  2. You have not lost it, our muse just goes to sleep and takes a nap, like our computer, then one day it will just wake up and you won't even remember it had a nap....Love your pretty pictures and of course your Peter Rabbit...come for a visit, I have some house sitter goules I would love for you to meet and I think you will love them...Phyllis

  3. I bet your muse got tired of all the moving stuff and will be back soon. In fact, I can see it lurking in all your beautiful photos.

  4. Susan, you have not lost your muse at all. You just don't know it's there right now. I think it's time to rest and relax.. Listen carefully, it like a quiet voice ~ it IS there.
    I know how you feel my muse is like a butterfly that I just can't catch.

  5. We all need to give our creativity muse a wee rest now and again. The photo of the cushions made me smile, as I have that exact same Laura Ashley fabric - the robin's egg blue and pink stripey roses. I love it!

  6. I'm sure it will catch up to you soon. Maybe it just had some car troubles on the way to the new place. LOL

  7. I think your "muse" has been very, very busy putting your new home together. Just take your time and it will return.


  8. Your "muse" is just taking a rest..a well deserved one..It will return..

  9. Um, We all wish we had the talent you have when your muse is gone. Your home is looking wonderful and when you get rested up and start to really feel like the house is yours, the creative juices will really start flowing. In the meantime you may want to make sure Bentley hasn't buried it in the backyard. xo Laura


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