Monday, May 25, 2015

Bentley's Weekend Wrap~Up

Hi ~ It's me, Bentley.  I am stopping by to tell you all about my weekend.
It was a really good one, except for two things.  My mama and daddy
were home with me on Saturday and Sunday.  We did fun stuff like
cuddle and eat treats.  I did lot's of my special tricks which make mama
and daddy laugh and I got treats for those too.  On Saturday night we had
grilled chicken.  Yum ~ I love it!  Last night daddy grilled a steak which
was really good too.  Then after dinner we all went over to our next
door neighbor's house and I got to play with Toby and my new girlfriend,
Bella.  The three of us ran around the yard and had an especially good 
time in the puddles left by the rain.  I was so happy and having so
much fun that I had a big smile on my face.  Toby and Bella were
smiling too.  That's the good stuff.  

Now for the bad stuff.  After we left our neighbor's house, mama
gave me a surprise bath.  I already had a bath this week.  I don't 
know why I needed another one, but mama said I couldn't come to 
bed with her until I did.  Major bummer.  I hate baths!  The other
bad thing is that mama and daddy left me behind today, all 
alone in the house so that they could go shopping in Houston.
Mama said she wanted to get some new shoes and daddy wanted
something for golf.  I gave them a really sad look, but it didn't 
work.  Mama said something about a hot car.  So there I was, all
alone for what seemed like forever.  Now they are back home
and all is right with the world once again.



  1. Bentley, if I lived close enough I would be your dog-sitter, we would play and snuggle until your momma and daddy got home.

  2. Always love to hear Bentley's side of the story. Lucy has a 'deserted' look too ;)

  3. Love it and the look on its cute face in the first photo. It really is a blessing they cannot actually talk.

  4. Oh, Bentley, you sure had a rough day, but I just bet when the folks returned, you got lots of attention. Bentley, I hope you don't hold it against me, but I think your sweet little face gets you just about anything you want. And, could it be possible, Bentley, our little friend, that you have mastered the art of looking sad with those shiny little brown eyes?

  5. Bentley, you write really well. Have you thought about a book???? If you put that cute face on the cover, it'll be a best seller!

  6. Oh Bentley ! Sounds like a great weekend!


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