Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Starting Over ~ Yet Again

I have a miniature African Violet that sits on the window ledge over my
kitchen sink.  This little violet has been with me for many years now.
I purchased it at the Boise Co-Op.  It has witnessed many things in
my life, the death of my father following his long battle with
Alzheimers.  The big decision to move away from the home we loved
for many years and up root our lives from Idaho to Texas.  The
sale of our business.  A business that the two of us created from 
scratch.  Packing up two households and moving to Texas with my
Mom.  And finally her death last year.

When I first bought this violet, it was tiny but full of blooms.
It was so precious and at first I really nurtured it.  Then after some
months had passed my schedule and my life became chaotic with
the responsibilities of work and aging parents.  I began neglecting
this dear little plant and it began to wither.  At first it stopped
blooming and then the leaves started to shrivel.  The plant was
sad and dying and it was my own fault.  I gave it a little water
and then went out and bought another miniature violet that was
hardy and vibrant and full of blooms as this one had once been.

When we moved down to Texas, I put all of our house plants 
in the back of our truck because of course they were not going
into the dark moving van.   They made it through the three day
trip down here just fine because I was careful to make sure all
the plants were hydrated each evening.

I gave both the little violets a new home on my kitchen
windowsill.  I knew they would be happy there because that
window has a northern exposure and although they would
receive lots of light, they would never suffer through the direct
rays of the strong Texas sun.  Both prospered.  Both bloomed.

But one day I noticed that this particular little violet was not
doing very well.  It was overburdened by heavy leaves so I
gave it a trim.  Still the violet was not happy and was listing
to one side and it's blooms were shriveling and falling off.
I realized that once again, this little plant needed some special
attention, so I trimmed up the bottom leaves and repotted it to
give the plant a better footing.  Just this morning I noticed
new little leaves growing at the top.

This violet is a metaphor of my life.  It's been a rocky road.
Parts of me have shriveled and died from upheaval and
neglect.  I don't think that all hope is lost, but it's time for
me to cut away the burdens of heavy heartache, straighten
my spine and grow in a new direction.

I am starting over ~ yet again.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Cheers to you and the violet bursting into bloom once again!

  2. That is a great way of looking at all you have been through.. So true. HUGS

  3. Great metaphor! My violets do that. I don't think I understand their needs. Or have the proper exposure for them.

  4. This is a beautiful life metaphor...for all of us. Blessings to you, Susan...xoxo

  5. I think we all go thru down-times...but thankfully, most of us straighten up and fly right. :)
    Your beautiful violet reminded me of how much my mom loved these and they grew for her and bloomed ....when she would give me one, we both started counting the days until it died...bwaaaa....now I am missing my mama.

  6. Aw...how sweet, Susan. Your violet is very pretty and like everyone else is saying, a beautiful metaphor to life. My Daddy passed away in 1998 and I kept two ordinary little ivies that were given at his funeral and brought them home. They survived until last year when we decided to move to upstate. The plants were getting leggy so I let them die, I know sounds mean. Then a couple of months ago I bought another little ivy in memory of both my parents and now I'll start over. I can remember using African violets in Vacation Bible School when I was little.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Oh, Susan. This post makes me feel like crying. I, too, have started over in my life several times- uprooting life as I knew it. My mother had Alzheimer's and lived with me for several years before she died, my father died from Parkinson's when I was only 21...I married, moved, divorced, moved and moved and moved. I do think it makes us stronger but it is sometimes hard to be strong ALL of the time. Your little African violet has a tough little spirit- I think it takes after its owner! God bless you- xo Diana

    ps. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog- I don't have a direct email for you listed but I appreciate your comments...and as to my hair? Well...it is what it is---and won't take color any more at all. lol I think I am starting to look like my grandmother-

  8. Susan, this is a beautiful metaphor. Change and challenges make us stronger, no question. You will flourish just like your little plant. Take care!

  9. As Sarah says, this is a beautiful metaphor. It takes care and tenderness to keep an African Violet blooming year after year, and sometimes it takes harsh measures. Life's like that too. We don't always find ourselves in the most comfortable place and sometimes we have to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves just a little something extra......and then there are times when we have to give ourselves a talking-to or even experience an upheaval in order to thrive. You thrive!!

  10. I am reminded of the old saying "she's like a shrinking violet". ( I think that is the correct version?!?!.) Sometimes we just want to shrink from our own skin and disappear. But God and life won't let us. You have so much life to live. Give yourself permission now, after all the turmoil of the past, to start living your life to the fullest. Life is short. Spend the rest of it for YOU. I wish you HAPPINESS.

  11. I know exactly what you mean, and you described it perfectly.

    In the midst of the ups and downs of life and life not looking like I thought it would,all I know to do is the next right thing.

    I have memories of my grandmother, who in the South Texas heat would work in her garden or 'tend' whatever needed tending.

    I always thought she was just working hard- but now as an adult woman, I wonder if she was grieving?

    This post is an inspiration to all of us .

  12. Oh, Susan I love how you tied the stories of your African violets to your own life story. So fitting. Thank God for new beginnings, yes? I've had many beginnings and endings, and I imagine I will have many more, Lord willing.

    Here's to your fresh start! May it bring great happiness to you!

  13. I love your metaphorical story and its application to your life. I've started over many times, and it's challenging. Making friends, loosing friends, and loosing loved ones is not easy. The violet you nursed looks amazing. xoxo Su

  14. My Mom just passed Year ago March.. I was told yesterday maybe I should just sell her home and move somewhere else. It needs lots of work.. But I can't Mama didn't want her family house sold..plus I have panic disorder so I couldn't do that I know here and it would be to difficult to go.. I have now Three mini African Violets.. the first I bought several years ago and is doing fantastic.. I bought the second and It didn't grown or bloom again. so I moved it over the other window with the other to see if it will change.. Lite is a big factor for them. I recently bought a new one and put it in the Living Room on the T.V. to see so far so good it has new blooms coming up.. Happy Sunday with love Janice p.s. I feel like I'm starting over just with Mama's house much love


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