Friday, May 22, 2015

Healthy Lunch from Leftovers in the Fridge

This morning was really a busy one.  I was doing some housework and laundry
and John our pest control miracle worker was coming over for our quarterly
spray to wipe out unwelcome Texas critters from the garden and house.

After John finished up and all the laundry was folded, I felt really
hungry.  I had skipped my usual oatmeal and berries and only had
a cup of tea ….

What can I eat???

I try to eat a healthy diet every day.  It's my own attitude about health
insurance.  I pay for it but seldom use it.  When I can stay out of the 
doctor's office, I am a happy camper.  Anyway ~ let's check the fridge ….

Left over brown rice from last night.  What can I do with this?
I grabbed a handful of slivered almonds and tossed them into a dry
skillet to toast for a bit.  Not too long, I don't want them to burn, only
to bring out their natural oils and enhance the flavor.

What else?  I have brussels sprouts in the veggie drawer.  I know David
won't eat them, but I do love them.  So I took a few, washed them and
started peeling off the outer leaves until I had a nice little pile.

I took the toasted almonds out of the pan and set them aside in a little
dish.  Then I added some olive oil to the pan, let it get hot and dumped
the brussels sprouts leaves into the hot oil.  I cooked them long enough to
get all glistening and hot but not brown.

Then I whisked together some olive oil, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard
in my vintage measuring cup.  I added some salt and pepper,
and whisked again.

I put the rice on a plate, covered it with the brussels sprouts leaves,
the toasted almonds and a couple of chopped up dates and drizzled
over the dressing.  

I filled one of my favorite hobnail glasses with ice water and lemon,
put everything on a wicker tray and headed out to the family room 
to watch an old movie and pray that we don't get anymore
thunderstorms and tornado warnings this afternoon.

How was the salad from leftovers?  Really good!

That's what I have been doing on this Friday before the long
holiday weekend.  What have you been up to?

By the way ~ Bentley always has to give John a big
greeting when he stops by.  John and his wife have a Yorkie
too ~ a little female.   Hmmm….  Puppies perhaps???

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan - you can throw stuff together a nd to looks like a very expensive restaurant meal! Looks awesome?

    We've had three inches of rain today and suppose to have another ten in the next few days including some bad storms. Yuck!

    Hope you don't have any storms!


  2. That is so inspiring to me, Susan. I seldom take the time to do anything that nice for is grab and go -fast and easy. You put me to shame! AND-it looks GOOD....okay---AND healthy! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. xo Diana

  3. I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight not a keeper just ok. but your lunch looks delish!.
    we are staying close to home we could use some rain in NH and it is getting very chilly maybe a frost. I have covered all the tender plants.


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