Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sweet Memories of an Antique Shop

This picture of Blue Moon Antiques is what you see above.  It was a 
wonderful shop filled with lots of antique treasures, yet what I 
remember most are the two women who sat behind the counter of this shop ~
Janice, the owner and Patsy her assistant.

Over the years I shopped there, I found and purchased many treasures.  Treasures 
that I still enjoy today here in Texas.  Whenever anyone entered the shop they were
always greeted with a big hello from Janice.   I can still here her voice calling
out "Hello Miss Susan".   The same friendly greeting came from Patsy too if
she was there.

Blue Moon Antiques was in the heart of the North End.  The North End
is a historic district filled with charming turn of the century homes that
have been lovingly restored and is just walking distance to the center
of the city.  The architectural beauty of this old cottage that housed
the antique shop added to the shopping experience.  Over the many
years I visited, this front bay window would be filled with the
most enticing treasures.

The wood floors would creak under my feet as I strolled around
savoring every moment I spent looking at all sorts of small
pieces of furniture and china and crystal.

Vintage linens were always carefully pressed and beautifully displayed.  I cannot 
begin to tell you about the happy hours I spent going through stacks like these, all
the while happily chatting away with Janice or Patsy.  Janice has a real love for
vintage linens and I certainly collected my share of them over the years.

I was just thinking about how glad I am I took these photos of the shop.

If you needed a bit of lace trim for a project, all you had to do was
sort through acrylic boxes filled to the brim with bits of this and that.

So much variety.  Janice had it all.

Janice has had a tough couple of years.  She had a physical setback and has
sold her shop and the lovely old cottage that housed it for so many years.  It is
a new chapter in her life.   Janice and Patsy and I still stay in touch via
the wonders of the internet.  Our love of antiques and vintage treasures
brought us together and the friendship we share will last a lifetime.
Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. 

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Gorgeous quilts! Sounds like you still miss your old community. It sounds so lovely, I believe I would.

    1. Yes, I do miss my old neighborhood and my friends and the mountains. But I get to stay in touch with all my friends on a regular basis so that really helps. I still have the property up in the mountains, so I will have a place to build my nest one day and that helps. But I must say, I am beginning to feel very much at home here in Texas so it's all good.

  2. Looks like a fun and interesting place to shop. Lots of good memories!


    1. It was wonderful. Janice was always bringing in loads of new items. She was in the business for many years and had quite a large following.

  3. Thank you for sharing, it would have been a shop I would have loved to be in.

  4. Such a lovely tribute to a special place for you and to your friends who ran the shop. It is always sad to see places like that go, I know I have one in my little town that has been closed for probably 25 years and I still feel sad when I pass by the old building. Thanks for sharing! Jane

  5. Sounds like such a neat place. There are so few left - or is it me not getting out to where they are. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is a lovely tribute which will really be a blessing to her!

  7. This is the kind of antique shop you love to see and rarely do. Many are so jumbled and junked it's too hard to find anything. So much easier to really to imagine something at my home when someone has the talent and takes the time to stage things. I have absolutely no talent for that and need the help! :D I hope you won't mind if I take some of your ideas and use them. Happy Memorial Day!

  8. I just left a post on another blog about her favorite antique shop closing. So many shops have closed in the last 3 years. It is discouraging as a shop owner because the prices are so low, the inventory trendy, but no one comes. Another sign of the times and how the world is changing....I'm glad you will be able to keep up your friendship with these two interesting ladies. The shop was beautiful.


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