Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sleep Your Wrinkles Away ;-)

I think I have finally stopped having sleepless nights.  This is a good thing
because lack of sleep depletes energy, makes one irritable and causes
wrinkles.  And who wants that?  I sure don't.  So, in order to get a better
night's sleep I have been turning off the TV.  The television is on in our
room at night and I have decided to turn it off and read for a bit instead.

Success!  When I read something light and fun I drift off to dream land
so peacefully.  

Now here is what y'all really want to know….  how to get rid of

One of the things that has helped me to sleep through the night is a sleep
mask.  Although our bedroom is pretty dark at night, there are still those
pesky little lights from electronic devices.  When I block out every tiny bit
of light I sleep through the night.

I was looking for an additional sleep mask when I came across this one.
First of all, let me tell you that I am not being paid to write about this, it's 
just something that I want to tell you about.  This is the iluminage sleep mask.
It claims that the copper infused fibers of the fabric will help to soften
the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes after thirty nights of
continuous use and continued improvement over time.  The company 
backs this claim through clinical independent double blind placebo results.
I just began the thirty day trial last night.  I will let you know how well
it works.  They make a pillowcase out of this copper infused fiber also,
but I will wait to see how well the eye mask works before I spend money
on the pillowcase.

Speaking of pillowcases, I purchased a silk one a couple of months ago.
The first night I used it I felt like my head was slipping off the pillow, but
now I love it!  My pillow stays cool all night.  Love that!  When I wake up
in the morning I don't have "bed head".  I can't tell you how much I am
loving that.  It also keeps my shoulder length blonde hair nice and shiny.
It's a win, win.  See, here is my silk pillowcase ~ it's the white one.  

So that's it for my beauty tips.  Wishing y'all sweet dreams tonight and
let's all sleep our wrinkles away!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I convinced the RG years ago that the T.V. disturbed the natural process of complete rest. He resisted but now agrees. Liking all the positive steps you are taking these days.

    1. It's true, television does stimulate. Something about the light impulses that our eyes receive that enervates us. Turning it off has worked wonders for me.

  2. Lots of great hints...I think I need a silk pillowcase...

    1. I really love the silk pillowcase. I understand that satin ones work well too and are a bit cheaper.

  3. Let me know how you like that sleep mask, Susan. My hubby wears one every night...and has for about 30 years. He had brain surgery and one of the results was that one eye does not "seal shut" at night when he sleeps so he needs to wear a mask. We have tried a dozen of them and all are somewhat undesirable...but I have not seen one like you have here. I will be anxious to hear how it works...and the wrinkles would just be the bonus! xo Diana
    ps. I LOVE a silk pillowcase but haven't had one in years!~ I think I need a new one!

    1. See my response in the comment below. I often forget to tap the reply tab.

  4. The mask has extra padding in that area that fits just under the eye so it really ensures that all the light is blocked out. It fits more comfortably than other masks I have used in the past. I will say that it is a bit pricey. I paid $35.00 for mine, but if it helps me get a good night sleep and smooths out wrinkles at the same time, I am okay with the price. It is washable and the copper fibers last the lifetime of the mask. I purchased mine through Neiman Marcus online. They have free shipping. I am sure there are other resources, and if I find one cheaper I will let you know.

  5. I just finished that book! Loved it. :)

    I just went to the doctor about not sleeping. She said, welcome to menopause. Hmm...anyway she told me to take melatonin. I have been and lo and works!!

    1. I am glad melatonin worked for you. I tried it and it and it didn't work for me. Do try the silk pillowcase for night sweats. It does help.

  6. Our family physician is a fanatic about not having a TV in the bedroom - always has been. So, I watch TV in the LR until I get sleepy and then go to bed. I tried the Melatonin and it gave me horrible nightmares so it doesn't work for me either. I am a night person anyway.

    Have a great day in Texas!!


    1. Melatonin gave me nightmares too. Curious isn't it?

  7. I'm not much of a TV watcher, so I never have the TV on before I go to bed. My problem is either my phone or laptop. So I turn off my laptop and don't look at my phone an hour before bed. Like you, I read instead. I always fall asleep quickly but my problem is staying asleep. It's been that way for years, and now it's even worse with being menopausal! I wake up every few hours to go pee. And then I sometimes have night sweats. Once in awhile, I even have bad anxiety and am up for hours. Sheesh. Then the sunlight starts coming in through the cracks in the blinds...and of course, that wakes me up, too. I wish I could wear an eye mask. I can't stand to have anything touching my face, especially covering my eyes. Freaks me out. Now the silk pillowcase, I just might have to try. Staying cool and not having bed head sound good to me!

    I just saw your comment on Jane's blog (Blondie's Journal)...I had forgotten that you were from the Chicago area. You said you used to shop at Old Orchard. I lived in Skokie from 1979 - 1984, so of course, I was at OO all the time! In fact, I worked at the Marshall Fields there when I was in my senior year in high school ('79 - '80). :-)

  8. The silk pillowcase is a good idea in summer.
    I don't have any electrical things in my bedroom except a bedside light it does made a difference, those flashing lights do keep you awake.

  9. The mask sounds cool...not sure if I could be comfortable not knowing what was going on al the time---I'm an 'on guard' person all the time!

    The pillow sounds so neat.

    On my blog you asked about the mall we were at. Oakbrook.

    Jane x

  10. Susan, I'm in the market for a silk pillow case. Can you recommend a specific one like the one you purchased a couple of months ago? The one I have my eye on is $95, but that seems pricey.

  11. Great post! Many years ago, when cable came to our neighborhood, I chose not to have the cable run to our bedroom. I don't even miss it. Love your choice of reading material...LOVE Mary Kay Andrews' books!


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