Friday, October 23, 2015

Back Home Again

Bentley and I have been gone for a few days.  We went out to west Texas
with David and a co-worker and his sweet wife for business.  It's a very, very
long drive from Victoria to Monahans.  When you finally get to Fort Stockton
on Interstate 10 and turn off to head north to Monahans, you still have another
40 or so miles to go.  David has to check on the office out their from time to
time and he enjoys the company on such a long drive.

The environment is so different out there.  We have all the beautiful trees and
Gulf breezes here in Victoria, while west Texas is dry and windy and just a lot 
of scrub.  But there is oil out there and lots of oil field activity.  Quite a few
big new hotels in a tiny little town to house all the business men and women.  

The hotel where we stayed allows pets, so Bentley made quite a few new
friends including a cute little twelve week old Yorkie pup named Rain. 
Rain and his mama and grandma come to Monahans every week on business
and so Rain is quickly becoming the hotel mascot.  All the staff know him
and he gets lots of attention.  There were a couple of Shelties and two Boxers,
a five month old Maltese puppy and a Chihuahua too.  Bentley was never
bored :-)

Although we all had fun, it's always great to return home to the comfort
of one's own nest.  We were all anxious to turn in early last night.  But
before we could do that, Bentley had to take a good long walk around his
neighborhood.  It wasn't until he was completely convinced that he had
thoroughly examined the neighborhood for any news that he was able
to jump up into our bed, lay down his sweet little head, close his
eyes and fall fast asleep.  All was right with his world.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I am so glad you both can go with David on his business trips. How lovely that your little family is together in this way. I can imagine Bentley making new doggy friends ;-) especially with a chihuahua ~ chico sends his love

  2. You and your family need to come visit us down here. It gets cold up in Canada in winter, but it will be mild down here. We'll keep the light on for you!

  3. Susan, I think most people have no idea how big our state is and that it takes at least a day to cross the border. '-)
    Home sweet home!

  4. Tee, hee . . . Bentley had to check all his "pee-mail" upon his return. ;)


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