Friday, October 9, 2015

Studio Storage Clean Up

I have a really big weekend planned.  Not, shopping, not playing and no
traveling.  This weekend I have a big project list and I am really looking
forward to tackling some of the projects that have been on the back
burner for a while.

David is in two different golf tournaments for the next three days. 
For me that means I can be as involved in projects as I want without
any interruptions or meals to prepare.  Woo hoo!  

The first big project starts right here in my studio.  I have a nice big closet
in this room with built in shelves.  When we moved into this house I just
stuffed everything onto the shelves to get it out of the way but never
organized the mess.  I just close the doors when I don't want to look at it,
but that's not working anymore.  I want it neat and organized so that I 
can actually find something for a change!!!

Don't you just hate it when you go to a craft store and pick up things you
think you need only to discover that you already have three or four and
did not need any more?  Well, that's what happens to me.  It's just silly.

It will be nose to the grind stone this weekend.  No slacking :-)
Bentley ~ did you hear mama?  Don't let her get off task!

My own Mom was a closet and drawer straightening whizz.  She
was always perfectly organized.  Sadly, I did not inherit that gene.
If she was here right now I could just here her say ….

Susan ~ how do you accomplish anything in this mess?  How do
you even think straight???

Of course the answer to this question would be ~ I never think 
straight.  I have always been what is called a divergent thinker ;-)

I am also one of those who save things because you just never know when
you might need … 
I think that developed that trait while I was an elementary school teacher and 
we were always creating things.  It's when I learned the benefits of

So, one day of this weekend will be devoted to organizing the 
studio closet.  But that's not all!

I inherited a big lighted hutch that is in my dining room.  It's 
not really my style, but I have not been able to part with it yet
because my Mom loved it.  So, I am going to paint the interior
of the piece to see if I like it any better.  If not, there is another
antique hutch I saw at an antique store in Houston.  David
nearly choked when I told him how expensive it was and then
of course we would have to pay to have it shipped to Victoria.
We'll see.

So that's what I have scheduled so far.  I'll see how much I 
get accomplished and find out what other projects I can add.
What are y'all doing this weekend?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan! Oh, it's is great to get so organized. How lucky you are to have a closet filled with shelves. I'm still trying to get organized since our move. My sewing room is organized and now I have to hunt for things because I got so organized that I don't remember where I put everything! ;) I hope you'll show us all of your hard work when you're finished.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. You are so funny! My Mom used to do that. She would rearrange things and then forget where she moved them :-)

  2. Have fun this weekend. I'm going to try to stay cool, go to the farmer's market, try to stay cool, hit Trader Joe's the pumpkin fest, try to stay cool, watch a little football, try to stay cool, watch a little baseball, and try to stay cool. :) ;)

    1. I know! What's with the heat wave??? It's really getting cloudy here and more humid ~ yuck! Stay cool in Houston while I try to stay cool in Victoria. Probably good cleaning out the closet weather, right?

  3. I'm going to try to stay cool too. See my grandson in the morning. And then work on my dining space turned office.

    1. I am glad that you are spending time with your grandson. Enjoy ever precious moment with him!

  4. You have such a pretty house what's a bit of clutter.

    1. Well, you don't see the clutter in these pics ;-)

  5. Susan, I am chuckling to myself. That is EXACTLY what I am doing this weekend. Terry went on a hunting trip to Wisconsin for a week and I will be organizing closets as when we moved in I shoved things in closets to get them out of the way. We are so much alike. Enjoy organizing and show us what you have been up to. I can use all the help I can get! (((Hugs)))

    1. Wish we lived close by so we could help each other out and share a few giggles too!

  6. Susan, I am doing something similar myself this weekend..clearing out and organizing. I always get so much done with the hubster is gone for a few days, too. Good luck in getting lots done. I have held onto pieces for years that I don't 'love' because they were gifted to me. I have decided not to do that anymore but it is hard to let things go sometimes, isn't it? Have a great weekend. xo Diana ps. Your pictures are all beautiful!!!

    1. Hi dear friend! You will have to nudge me from time to time to part with things that just don't work for me. My Mom was very good at that. I,on the other hand, inherited my Daddy's sentimental gene :-) I can get teary eyed over old family stuff no matter how worn and tattered.

  7. Have fun, Susan! I'm trying to re-imagine my space for mini making. No matter what I do, however, I can't change the fact that it's at the top of the stairs in a little nook in the hall. Ah, well!


    1. Wish I was there to help you. I do though have complete confidence in your skills and whatever you do will be magical! Bentley sends Scout a big kiss!

  8. Oh I know you will have fun once the organizing is done. As much of a pain it is, it really is worth it. I just stay home this week and do exactly what you're doing but I'm going out to play with Minnie.

  9. You will feel so much better when you get your closet all organized. I know I did when I did 3 of mine early this spring!!! Have a great week!


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