Friday, October 30, 2015

My Scottie Pumpkin

Several years ago I painted a white pumpkin with depictions
of Scotties.  It's pretty cute don't you think?

We are having our yearly big neighborhood party tonight.  
Hopefully the weather won't be too bad.  Right now it is
very cloudy and there are tornado watches in our area.
Thunderstorms are headed our way too.  I am hoping that
the storms blow through quickly and some clear skies move in.
We are just now drying out from the heavy rains of last

I am amazed by the huge popularity of Halloween.  I don't dislike
Halloween, but it's not my favorite holiday.  Lots of people like
the scary decorations, but I like the happy ones.  I remember the
first time I saw the movie Psycho on TV,  I couldn't take a shower
when I was alone in the house for ages.

Well, I better let y'all go for now.  I have to start
baking my fudge cupcakes with salted caramel
frosting.  Have a wonderful Friday!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Your Scottie pumpkin is adorable! I love Halloween but don't really decorate for it. Every year I'm reminded that I'm a dud in that department. :)

    Hope your party goes great!

  2. LOVE your Scottie pumpkin! Precious! Hope the weather clears up for your party. It's been raining here all day and is suppose to continue until tomorrow afternoon. And then, hopefully clearing off before the kids go Trick or Treating.

    I don't like scary décor either. I like the "cute" decorations.

    Have a great party.


  3. I am drooling over the THOUGHT of those cupcakes, Susan! That painted pumpkin is really cute...very clever idea! Hope you have a great DRY weekend. xo Diana

  4. Oh your porch. Love it. You have style girl. I love the pumpkin too. Our highschool is the Tartans so scottie dogs are our unofficial mascot. We collect them when we can. Happy Halloween.

  5. Your pumpkin is adorable, Susan! And those cupcakes sound delicious. Caramel anything is my favorite. P.S. - I don't like scary Halloween things either. Cute and whimsical for me all the way.

  6. Cute scottie pumpkin. Have a Happy Halloween!

  7. I love autumn, not so much, Halloween, but your cupcakes sound wonderful for whatever reason.

  8. Love scotties and your little pumpkin is adorable! Jane


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