Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Slow Cooker Comfort Food

Having a meal waiting for me in my slow cooker is like having money in 
the bank.   I know that making a green salad and getting dinner on the
table will be easy after a busy day.

Yesterday I threw together a recipe that was easy and sure to please
my meat loving hubby using store bought frozen precooked meatballs,
canned soup, sliced onions, sherry wine and low fat buttermilk.

Here is the recipe:

One onion ~ sliced
One half cup Sherry Wine
One can low sodium Mushroom Soup
One quarter to one half cup low fat Buttermilk
Saute the sliced onions in a bit of olive oil until
soft and translucent.
Add the sherry wine and cook down until reduced
by half.
Add undiluted mushroom soup and thin slightly
with the buttermilk.

Pour all of the above into your slow cooker and add
as many meatballs as you would like.  Three to four per
person depending on your family's appetite.  Set the
slow cooker on high and cook three hours.  Or if you
prefer, set on low and cook all day.  Serve over wide egg
noodles and add a green salad.  It's slow cooker comfort.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love the opening line of this post! That is exactly how I feel. I don't have a slow cooker but this is the year for me to break down and get one. This meal sounds yummy - any more ideas like this?

  2. I love crock pot meals this time of year. Everything tastes so good and heart & rib warming when it starts turning chilly. This sounds like a good recipe. Yum. xo Diana

  3. Yum!!! I love recipes like these, especially using the crockpot! This recipe sounds super good and easy to make. Hubby doesn't need to know about store bought meatballs ;-)

  4. I love using my slow cooker and need to use it more often. This recipe sounds easy and very good!!

  5. I am a fellow mystery buff, too!!! I love Mrs. Jeffries, The Pennyfoot Hotel, The tea Shop Mysteries and many more. Love the slow cooker, too, it gives me more time to read!

  6. I love my slow cooker, but I would have to make my own, meatballs and soup from scratch. Sounds good!


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