Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More Potting Shed Progress

I spent most of Sunday afternoon spreading pea gravel around the
potting shed enclosure.  This shed sits in a private little area behind
our garage and away from the backyard.  It's one spot that gets a
fair amount of sunshine, so many plants are happier here than in
other areas of our shady yard.  

It was really hot and humid when I did this, but being as stubborn
as I am, I finished with all the pea gravel I had.  I still need to go 
back and get some more.  I am a sort of design as I go type of gal,
so things evolve as the ideas spring forth.  I am having fun with
this project and have lots more ideas too.

I planted a small English ivy plant on either side of the potting shed
doors.  When we lived in Idaho, I had ivy growing all over my shed.
It was magical.  Once the ivy gets going, it very quickly climbs up
the walls.  

The theme of this area is renewal, restore, repurpose.  I have pulled bits
and pieces from storage closets and the inside of the shed.  Some things
belonged to me, some to my Mama.  All are welcome and so far are
happy together.  It makes me smile to see well loved, well worn items
taking on a new life.

Two tiny tops from succulents and now living in a thrift shop sugar
bowl.  I am nurturing them and whispering softly ....  grow, grow!

There is a ligustrum tucked into a corner and I have placed a small
bistro table and chairs under it's branches.  A little bird feeder hangs from
its branches.  Just a quiet little spot to spend time with nature.  I will warn 
you though, this is tropical South Texas, so y'all will need to use
some bug spray!  Use as much as you need.  I have plenty ;-)

I want to put some grass between the pavers in front of the shed doors.
I think it will add another layer of interest and help to keep it looking
somewhat tidy too.

Well, that's what is going on right now.  I have lots more plans, so
I will be checking in with y'all again real soon with more whimsey
and fun!

Big Texas Hugs, Y'all!

Susann and Bentley


  1. Hi Susann! Hi Bentley!! :)' Love how your shed and yard are coming along ~ isn't it fun to tweak our yards every year?! Happily pinned a few of your photos to my Pinterest boards for you. <3 Enjoy your new sitting area!

    Barb :)

    1. Hi Barb and Bentley sends a special hi! Thank you for pinning my photos. I am hoping to get more work done on the garden around the shed this weekend.

  2. Love all of your outdoor ideas Have you thought of putting creeping thyme in between the pavers. There are so many different kinds. You have a great day

    1. I like that idea, and used creeping thyme before when we lived in Idaho. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Creeping thyme would work well between your pavers too.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try to locate some.


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