Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Resurrection of the Potting Shed

Just before Hurricane Harvey, David and I rushed to get everything 
around the house as secure as possible.  Our little garden shed, tucked 
behind our garage in a private little enclave, became the catch-all 
for everything related to the yard.  

Despite the eight straight hours of category 4 hurricane winds, this
little shed was safe and sound.  It wasn't even missing a shingle from
it's roof.  I love this little shed even more now.  It's a tough little haven.

I have spent quite a bit of time fussing around the patio and the 
veranda, and this little shed was being ignored.  I spent yesterday
and this morning beginning the clean up around it and giving it 
the tender loving care it deserves.  

I raked and cleaned little beds.  I replanted a sad rose bush.  I put down
new mulch.  

I put some herbs in pots and added some flowers for color too.

It's a start.  I am trying to keep this spot functional as well as pretty.  I am careful to
work one area at a time so that I don't give up in frustration.  The next thing I need to
do is get rid of the poison ivy that has decided to grow up the fence that separates this
area from the rest of the yard.  I went on YouTube and learned the best way to do
this without exposing myself to any of the dreaded oil that causes the rash.
I keep telling myself ~ I am brave.  I can do this!  Wish me luck.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Your shed is one tough shed, not losing even one shingle in the storm. You have transformed the area around it to a cute little patio and garden spot.

  2. It looks nice! Makes me want to work in the yard, except it's in the high 90's here. :) I would melt.

    "Despite the eight straight hours of category 4 hurricane winds, this
    little shed was safe and sound. It wasn't even missing a shingle from
    it's roof."

    Wow! Next hurricane, you know where to hide out!

    1. It's in the 90's here too, but y'all know me, I am the one with the stubborn Swedish blood that keeps me going like an energizer bunny! Our house was safe too. No shingles missing, nothing. God protected us.

  3. It's looking really pretty. I have never had poison ivy, and hope I never get it.

    1. I am happy you don't have any poison ivy. It's a nasty little pest!

  4. I love your little shed and I know you can conquer that poison ivy just be careful!

    1. I am conquering it, one section at a time. Of course, I look like a little lady in a hazmat suit ;-)

  5. Hi! New to your blog! That shed is absolutely adorable, and I'm so happy for you that it survived Harvey!

    1. Welcome. So glad you are here. We are tough Texans with a strong belief in God. I owe my safety to Him.

  6. But that sad little rose bush ~ this may be just what it needs! A little bit more shade. :) Glad you are enjoying cleaning up the shed area. Happy gardening!!!

  7. Just stumbled on your blog and love it. So comforting to me and Bentley is precious. Think I'll go and have some tea and toast with blackberry fruit spread before I go to bed.


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