Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Am So Busy All The Time

Someone recently asked me how I fill my days.  I have no problem at 
all staying busy.  My only problem is that the days never seem long enough
and they race by at such incredible speed.  Each season brings it's own 
tasks, and spring is always especially busy.  I have been working out in the
garden each day, as weather permits.  It hasn't been all that hot here, but
it has been very breezy.  

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be
done, but I have been retraining myself to focus on one project at a 
time.  I am also trying to keep things less complicated, because I 
know that once the hot weather moves in, I will have little interest in
spending too much time working outside.

There is so much green in the backyard, which I love, but I want some
color too.  I have been focusing on keeping much of that color in pots
rather than in the ground.  I seem to have better luck this way.

This is a very large cement bird bath that sits between two big oaks
next to our patio.  There is a crack in the bowl and I decided to fill it with
flowers rather than patch the hole.  I have to be careful about standing 
water because I don't want to encourage the mosquitoes.  We have someone
come and fog the garden and we also purchased a Dynatrap.  Too soon to
see if that is effective.  I will let y'all know one way or the other.

This is one of three hummingbird feeders.  Two other feeders are hanging
off the edge of the veranda.  We have lots of hummers this year and I have
been so busy keeping the feeders clean and full.  They are a joy to watch,
but wow are they ever territorial!  

Still working on the miniature English cottage kitchen.  I am having so
much fun curating it, and look forward to sharing it with you.  In addition
to that, I am writing my first book.  As soon as it is published, I will 
divulge the title.  

Now if I could just find a way to make the days stretch a bit!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. We stay super busy here too! You'll have to tell me if the hummers come to that red feeder. We had one like that and never had a single bird come to it. It was the strangest thing!

  2. Nothing wrong with keeping busy. Keeps our minds working better. We do not have hummingbirds here. Wish we did.

  3. Love your hummingbird feeder and your flowers are so pretty. I am about the same way. I have more than one thing going on at a time and need to slow down and just do one thing.

  4. I am so with you on lack of time. There will never be enough -- but you are spending it in a most lovely way!

  5. Have you started your pool project yet? Earlier in the year, you were stressing over some tasks you wanted to undertake this year. Did you decide to do your floors or any of the other projects you mentioned. I was just curious if you got to any of them?


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