Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Welcome To My Secret Garden

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  I was
very busy all weekend.  Despite the blistering heat, I made more additions
to the garden around my potting shed.  This garden and shed are 
separated from the rest of the yard and this separation made me feel 
that I could create my own secret garden.  I have tried to make it into
more of a cottage garden, because y'all know that I still love the
cottage style.

I hung more bird feeders.  We have lots of songbirds here, especially in
the morning.  I love to listen to them as I am watering and snipping off
the spent blooms.  It's such a cheerful time of day.  Last evening I noticed
that several birds had discovered the feeders which makes me to happy!

I was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and could not resist this farm fresh sign.  We recently
bought an older pick-up truck.  Not as old as this one, but it's a rugged truck and I have
fallen in love with it.  We bought a new full size Ford Expedition last fall.  It's
great and we love all the bells and whistles, but we love a rugged pick-up that will
easily haul plants and gravel and withstand the rigors of oil field back roads.  So
now we have the best of both worlds.  Oh and there is the Jeep Wrangler too.
I named the new pick-up "Trigger", after Roy Rogers' famous Palomino.  We call
the Expedition "The Wagon", because we think of it as a station wagon.  The
Jeep has always been called "Langiappe", the Cajun expression for a little
something extra.  It's my baby.

Here is the bistro table and chairs in the secret garden.  I painted and
hung these little bird feeders, but instead of seed inside, there are
LED lights to bring a little glow to the area in the evening.

Here is a new star jasmine, freshly planted.  I am encouraging it
to grow as fast as it can :-)

Some vinca surrounding the bird bath.  I hope the birds start using it.

That's it for now from the garden.   I still have more plans, but they will
have to wait for another day.  Yesterday we took everything out of the
potting shed and reorganized it.  Huge job!  It would have been much
easier in cooler weather, but I was born with the "get the job done" gene.
David had to keep reminding me not to overdo in the heat, but of course
I did.  So today I will stay inside and work on another project in the
cool house.  

That's it for now.  Love you guys!!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I came THISCLOSE to having our landscapers pull all the roses and plants out of the back yard. We live 2 streets from the lake and sometimes we get critters, and I really don't like to swim knowing I may be sharing the pool with critters. However, the landscaper did not show up (Luckily we had not paid him anything) and now that roses are blooming I'm glad he didn't come. I'm leaving it as is and just swim with one eye open. I love your cottage garden! Actually, I love everything about your cottage.

    1. I'm glad your landscaper didn't show up either! Roses are a treasure and a daily gift. Thanks for your kind words. I am cottage obsessed ;-)

  2. Susan, I love your cottage garden. I would like to invite you to link up to my Gardens Galore Party on Monday, June 4 7 a.m. central time! Beautiful post!

    1. Thank you for your kind invitation. I look forward to joining your party!

  3. Susan, your little garden is so pretty!

  4. O MY!! Love this!! I love the green color on the table and chairs! I have a white set and I think when it needs a painting I just may go with green!! Your garden is lovely and I am so jealous of your potting shed!!

    1. Hi Debbie! My set belonged to my Mom and it was white too. It needed to be repainted, and when I decided to use it in this little garden, green seemed like the perfect color.

  5. Your garden is wonderful! I have started a garden by my den bay window but I have about given up because it rains every day here in South Carolina. You have inspired me to go back to it. :-)

    1. Get back to it Lottie. The rains will end and your garden will be beautiful!

  6. I loved taking a peek into your secret garden, Susan! You always style with such pretty cottage charm. I'm like you, and was out in the heat, to get the job done, too.

    1. Hi Kitty! We just can't help ourselves, can we???

  7. Your garden looks fantastic!

  8. I will say again that I love your Secret Garden, it adds an intimate mystery to your small space. Somehow I left a comment several days ago that came up with another person's name. I will try to ask my question again. Haven't hear any updates on the novel you were writing (might just have missed it), and was wonder how it is coming. Living here in Texas is get too hot to be out in the garden in the hottest part of the day, and I take that opportunity to sit and read. Would love to know if we can expect to find your book on the shelves anytime soon. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Jill

  9. Lovely garden, and I love all your little spots to enjoy it in.

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