Monday, May 7, 2018

Star Jasmine and a Garden Path

I planted some star jasmine today.  It's behind some azaleas on the side
of the house that is on one of the walls that forms a courtyard around 
our patio.  It is small right now, but the owner of my favorite nursery
assured me that it is a fast grower.  It smells heavenly already.

This is the flagstone path leading from the guest room to the patio.
It's mostly shady until late afternoon and even then the sun is filtered
because of the big oaks.  I have this area fairly complete now, and then
it's on to complete the area around those big oaks. 

I tend to get overwhelmed with caring for such a big yard and so 
much landscaping.  It's really best for me to complete one area and then
on to the next and to devote a couple of hours a day on the work.  If
I spend too much time looking at the big picture, I just want to throw
up my hands and walk away.  So far, this plan is working for me.

I will have more to show you later this week.  I hope that the weather
has become more spring like for you.  It certainly has here, in fact it's
starting to feel like summer.  Not sure if I am thrilled about that ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 


  1. This is beautiful, Susan.

    I can get overwhelmed too even though working outside is my favorite thing. I joke sometimes that we have to look at the yard with a squint so we don't see the imperfections. :)

  2. Hi Susan.....I just stumbled on to my own Blog I did several years ago and through that found you. What a beautiful blog......I'm in Texas too and hope to get back into blogging. :)

    1. Hi Susan, so glad you stopped by! Welcome and lets get to know each other better!!

  3. Your garden looks absolutely amazing. Looks like you have been putting in a lot of work, thanks for the share. Hope you have a nice rest of the week, keep up the posts.
    World of Animals


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