Friday, August 31, 2018

My Honey Didn't Do It Basket

For the past five years, I have wanted a shelf or two added to the 
closet that connects the kitchen with the breezeway and then out
to the garage.  This closet is where I store the vacuum, the indoor
trash container and the reusable bags for groceries.  I envisioned
these shelves for storing household cleaning items all neatly stacked
and easily accessible.  Shortly after we moved into the house, I 
mentioned my wish for shelves to my hubby.  

He measured.  We discussed.  He made notes.  He forgot about it.
Every time we had a long weekend, the subject came up again.
He then promptly forgot about it.

My husband is a very good one in many ways, but he does have his
priorities.  These are, golf, watching golf on TV, entering golf
tournaments, and talking about golf with his friends.

Sadly, for me .... the Honey Do List is not a priority.  I decided to
take the lack of shelving to task and create my own solution for
eliminating the overflowing cleaning items under the kitchen sink.

A CLEANING BASKET!  That's the ticket.  I love baskets.  I have
lots of them tucked away!  I can do this!!


So over this long holiday weekend, hubby can return to his priorities
and I have organized everything I need right here.  

Hmmm .... wonder what honey didn't do it task I can accomplish 

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love this post! I think many of us do our own Honey Do lists!

  2. 1/ your honey didn’t basket - good solution
    2/ i’ve Been remiss in not telling you for months, what a clever solution your miniatures on a shelf is...versus setting up a whole miniature house. I had laid my miniatures aside for a long time bc I didn’t have a house nor did I want to decorate an entire house. Your miniature rooms on a shelf is EXACTLY what I want to do.. come cold weather, when to cold for yard work, I’ve scheduled miniature time. Thank you. Gail

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