Friday, August 24, 2018

Really, Really, Longing For Fall

The garden around my potting shed is looking very sad now.  After
several months of extremely high temps, nothing looks the same.
I faithfully watered, twice on most days, but despite my best efforts,
everything suffered.  I have dug up all most of the plants now.  

The sad thing about living in South Texas is that spring comes early
and hopes for a beautiful garden run high.  It was pretty for a while
and oh how I enjoyed it.  Now it's just a memory.  Thank goodness
for photos.

I woke up this morning thinking of fall decor.  I plan to scale back
inside the house this year, and focus on the potting shed, she shed,
or whatever I am calling it now.  I intend to go to the max out here
and inside the shed too.  

As I start to think about what I will do both inside and outside of the 
shed, a thought occurred to me.  A very dangerous thought ....

brown transferware!

I don't have any and I might need some.  Just a couple of pieces to
incorporate into my decorating scheme.  This could very well be a 
slippery slope because I do have a dish addiction.  

I quickly changed my thoughts from transferware to scarecrows.
I will definitely need one of those.  Should I have a scarecrow man
or a scarecrow lady???

Whatever I decide to do, just thinking about cooler days makes
me happy.  It will happen, maybe not as soon as I would like,
but it will.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I am also ready for Fall. Here in Colorado we had an unusually hot June with temps in the high 90's and we even hit 101. My flower gardens were just getting started and they never really took off no matter how much I watered. We had a few cool days earlier in the week but now we are getting back to the low 90's for this weekend.

    1. I sympathize! Sometimes I think I should put a big tent over my garden to protect it from the sun;-)

  2. I would lean to a "she" scarecrow b/c its a "she shed". Love your decorating skills.

    1. That's a great choice, Carol. A "she scarecrow" it is!!

  3. I'm just not ready for fall yet as I love summer so much, but once October hits I will hopefully be ready for the transition. xo Laura


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