Thursday, August 16, 2018

So Sad to Lose Another Music Legend

Yesterday, my husband and I took a quick trip to Houston.  It's a two 
hour drive each way, but David had some business to do there and invited 
me to tag along.  As we aproached Sugar Land (just to the west of
Houston), we saw a big advertising board featuring an upcoming 
concert with Tony Bennett and his daughter.  I immediately wondered
how old is Tony now?  I looked it up, and he is 92!  Wow, 92 and still
performing!  It's truly amazing stamina that allows him to still do this.  

Then this morning, I heard of the passing of Aretha Franklin.  We
all knew this was coming, but it's still hard to accept.  Like many of
you, I was a big fan of Aretha.  Such a powerful voice and presence!
She uplifted women and her songs made us all feel stronger.  Although
she is now longer on this earthly realm, I imagine she has joined
the choir up in Heaven and there must be much rejoicing there.
I'm quite sure she will be performing many solos too.

Music has always touched my life.  My Mama had music playing all
of the time, and would even take the time to learn my favorites too.
It's one of those mediums that has the ability to evoke powerful
memories, both happy and sad.  It can instantly transport us to
another place and time.  It uplifts a sad heart and brings a smile
to an unhappy face.  I cannot image a life without it.

Many years ago now, David and I added jazz favorites to our list.
We started to collect CD's from Oscar Peterson, Gene Harris, and
 others.  As our passion for this medium grew, our love expanded
beyond East Coast jazz to West Coast jazz.  Dave Brubeck
became a new favorite.  We were blessed to have Dave perform
in Boise, and we bought tickets to see his performance.  When
he walked onto the stage, he appeared quite frail, but the minute
he sat down at the piano, he was transformed.  His fingers moved
so effortlessly across the keyboard that it was pure magic.
We, along with the sold out arena, were gifted with the most
beautiful evening of memorable music.  

Sadly, he is gone now, but I will never forget that night, and for
me, as well as for many, his memory lives on.  Here is one of
his favorites:

Today's goodbye is bittersweet.   Aretha will be greatly missed,
but I am glad that she is now free of pain.  Thank you, Aretha,
you have left us with many happy memories.  Here is a clip
from the movie The Blues Brothers.  It's one of my favorite
performances of Aretha's hit RESPECT!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, Thank you for writing this. It is a very sad day for music lovers , especially for those of use who grew up to the music of Aretha Franklin. What a voice and what a lady! I love Tony Bennett as well. My Mom and I saw him perform in Michigan way back in 1976 and I still remember it. His voice has remained strong and I hope he just keeps signing. Hoping you and Bentley are enjoying these sweet end-of-summer days, Cheryl

  2. She was something!!! I loved her music (and love most music). She was a special woman with a voice that transcended the norm. She touched so many people - heart and soul. I will miss her but hope to hear her heavenly voice someday --over there! xo Diana

  3. She was one of my all time favs...…..but, oops, that was not Respect but Think......xoxoxo

  4. Thank you for sharing valuable information nice post,I enjoyed reading this post.



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