Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Reveal of the Texas Rosebud Miniature Townhouse

Hi y'all!  I sure did miss you last week.  I was very busy though working
on my Texas Rosebud Townhouse.  Lots of new things.  Want to take a

Let's start in the living room.  Several additions here.  

There is a new window with handmade curtains made by me.  Behind the
cozy chair is a new bookcase.  I bought it unfinished.  I painted it and
lined the back of the unit with a mini rose bud print.  It is the Texas Rosebud
Townhouse so roses are everywhere!

Some of the books I purchased, like this new set of Anne of Green Gables
books, and some I made.  I was hard at work at our breakfast counter gluing
and decoupaging covers.  I get so involved in my work that I totally
forget the real world.

I tweaked the top of the mantel a bit and added some "family" photos.  

Lots of fun going on in the kitchen too ….

I really went crazy in here.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with
an inspiration and could hardly wait to act on it.  Thankfully I am so lucky to
have such a loving and encouraging husband who doesn't think I am nuts!
Of course, maybe he does ~ I have not had the nerve to ask him.

I found this adorable clock on etsy.  I am going to go into detail about all
the things I purchased for the townhouse tomorrow.  I will be sure to tell
you all about Roxanne and her charming miniatures then.

I made a skirt for the kitchen sink.  Off to the right and next to the
cabinet is a little calendar I put created from this and that.

You can't see it very well in this pic, but I embroidered a little
felt rug for the area in front of the sink too.

I put in a door.  I need to create a little scene for the background.  Have
not decided just what I want yet, but it will come to me.  Oh and I made
the little curtain rod and the valance too.  But …. my favorite things are 
the itty bitty aprons I made.  I had so much fun creating them.

I found a cute little unfinished peg rack to hang my aprons on.  

The buttons are handmade out of polymer clay.  I designed them so that
they could be sewn on just like real ones would be.   I added the pocket
so that the cook could keep her wooden spoon at the ready.  Something
always needs stirring in the kitchen :-)

So there you have it ~ the big reveal.   I get so involved that I forget to eat!
Hmm …. dollhouses keep you slim.  I wonder if I lost any weight last
week?  Seems like my clothes are looser.

Time to get a sandwich and make a cup of tea.  So glad to be back
visiting with y'all.  Hope you will stop by again tomorrow when I give
you some dollhouse resources and tips.  Until then ….

Bentley ~ you know what this dollhouse needs that it doesn't
have?  A dog!  Every house needs a dog!  I thought you 
would agree with me :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh dear...I want a house just like it only BIG...:)

  2. Susan - It is adorable. David needs to give up the golf tourneys and get an additional job so you can continue to buy your miniatures! LOL Everything is just precious! Love it all!


  3. I could live in that gorgeous house! Yes, a puppy would be just the perfect addition.


  4. Just darling! Saw it on Inspire Me Tuesday

  5. Yep! The Texas Rosebud has to have a dog. Maybe named Rose or Rosey? Lol..

  6. Oh Susan this is so adorable! All the thought and planning this must have taken. I love the kitchen, the island and hutch are my favorites.I have a dollhouse I've always wanted to decorate. Fabulous job......

  7. Tooooo cute! Every detail is amazing! Great job! Fun hobby! I want this house!

  8. I wish that I could pull an Alice In Wonderland kind of thing, shrink down and come bake and read etc. in that house. It's over the top adorable.:)

  9. I am visiting from Cozy Little House and the teaser photo (the last on your blog) drew me in! I looked and it, thought it was a "real" room. It is adorable, a room decorated from my dreams! I love your colors, the coziness especially of the chair - the books and book covers, the newspapers - it is just wonderful!!!!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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