Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Resources for Dollhouse Miniatures

If you are interested in starting or adding onto a miniature dollhouse, you
will find that the options for decorating are quite extensive.  The prices
range from affordable to expensive museum quality and is all limited
by your budget.  While I love miniatures and enjoy collecting them,
I have a budget and must always keep that in mind.

For example, this hutch was purchased on eBay a few years ago.
It was unfinished and I painted it to fit my dollhouse decor.  As I
recall, all of the accessories on this hutch came from different vendors
on eBay.  Here is an excellent eBay Miniature Shop.  Lots of items
and great variety.  I will let you explore more mini shops on eBay
because there are quite a few of them.  I tend to stick with vendors in
the US and don't buy direct from China, but you certainly can.  I
just don't have any experience with Chinese vendors on eBay so I
don't feel comfortable recommending them yet.

I have purchased quite a few things from New England Miniatures.
They have good quality and quick and efficient service.

Over the years my Mom purchased many things from 
Hobby Builders Supply.  She loved this vendor because she could order
from their catalog which was delivered to her house every couple of
months.  This is a full service dollhouse vendor carrying everything
from dollhouse kits and building supplies as well as furnishings and
a huge variety of accessories.  I still receive their catalog and although
I love to shop online, it's fun to have a catalog that I can hold in my
hands and page through.  When I bring books and magazines with me
on a long trip, there will often be this dollhouse catalog in my bag.

Etsy is a great resource for artisan miniatures.  These shops tend to fill
the gaps left by the mainstream dollhouse miniature vendors.  The
creativity of some of these vendors will knock your socks off.  I also
think that their accessories will help you to create your own look.

Just last week I purchased this adorable little Cherry Cupcake clock
from Roxanne Fern.  Her shop is Baking in Miniature.  She has adorable
miniature baking accessories and books.  She also offers play scale in
addition to the miniatures, perfect for the little girl in your life who is
not old enough yet for the minis.  Roxanne will design something for
you too.  I really enjoyed dealing with this creative gal and her service
is excellent.  Highly recommend.

There are lots of miniature artisans on etsy, so indulge yourself during 
your free time to check out their beautiful work.  Check out fellow
blogger Kim Saulter at Kim's Mini Bakery.  She is so talented and
her things sell out really, really fast.  She only produces a few things
at a time so sometimes she has nothing to sell, but wait and she will
restock.  She is not a mass producer and her attention to detail is

Miniatures can live outside a dollhouse and can become 
accessories in their own right.  I use them in little vignettes because
they always make me smile.  This is my first attempt to make a 
miniature wing chair.  Lots of mistakes were made, but I still
have a soft spot for it.

And of course there are always tag and estate sales.  Sometimes you can
find very vintage pieces like these.  

Have fun!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I like looking at tiny things.

  2. I just loved this post, Susan. Being a miniature lover, it was fun to read. I'll check out those sites. I live in a place where I know not one other person who loves miniatures so it gets pretty lonesome. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  3. Thank you for sharing your resources for decorating Texas Rosebud Townhouse. You have made it so adorable! I'd like to sit down and have a cup of tea in your kitchen. Your accessories make it so welcoming! Barbara

  4. Love the little green milk basket. Also you did a great job with the sink skirt. Everything is adorable Susan. Thanks for the links too.

  5. Absolutely enchanting! Love it all! The townhouse is amazing! Did you find a doggie for it?

  6. Your minis always make me smile! A few years back I sold my whole collection-house and all. Didn't have the time or space to do it. I may try a smaller project one day.Thanks for sharing resources.

  7. How beautiful and intricate the pieces are! I have always wanted a dollhouse to decorate. My husband bought me a log cabin that had some furniture but when I priced pieces for it, it turned me off! Too expensive. Someday maybe I will indulge myself again!

  8. I have never seen such adorable little miniatures. I bought a dollhouse and just this past week, passed it unopened and unbuilt on to my little ten year old great granddaughter in Georgia. I have another one, built but the interior not finished and I've no idea where to begin. I will just come and visit yours. You have things I have dreamed of having..but I'm too old now to begin. I would never be able to finish it. I wish I had begun years ago to collect but it wasn't possible. Just the cutest little things.. I would like those in my real house..so sweet. Thank you for sharing Susan. They are wonderful.

  9. We have a doll house I've never finished. It's quite big and unassembled, but painted, and I never could find a good spot for it. I'm still hanging onto it because I keep hoping I'll start using it at some point. I love miniatures, and would have so much fun playing with them like you do. Can I just live my miniature dream through you, Susan? ;) You certainly make it look fun! Adorable finds!


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