Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Bunny Breakfast Tray

Bunnies abound in the spring and I love them.  I also seem to be
focused on breakfast trays these days.  Remember my Rise and Shine
Breakfast Tray from a recent post?  

Maybe I am hoping that someone will serve me breakfast in bed (hint, hint).
So I was inspired to create a bunny tray for a happy breakfast to get you
hopping out of bed.  I used a floppy eared bunny bookmark to keep the
vintage silver in place.

I love this pale blue hobnail glass.  I found it for pennies at a garage sale a
few years ago.  I am glad that someone decided to give it up because
it has become a treasure in my cottage.  It will make a great vase for the
lily of the valley popping up in my Mom's garden too.

Here is Mrs. Rabbit rocking her babies.

Stay tuned for more spring decorating.  You never know where more
bunnies will be turning up.

Hopping over to visit ~


Bentley does not want any bunnies in his yard.  He chases them just
like he chases squirrels and cats.  So all of the bunnies around here
are just for show.

Susan and Bentley


  1. I love trayscapes and this is especially sweet! Hugs, Linda

  2. This is darling, I love bunnies! I also love the hobnail glass! Very pretty!


  3. Oh this is adorable! I love your hobnail glass mixed in with these dishes! Mrs. Rabbit and her babies are too cute!
    It all looks even more precious sitting near the nice fabrics on the pillows!

  4. I also have a few milk glass goblets that I am waiting to put my Lily of the Valley's in. Your blue glass is stunning and will show case the deep green on the leaves nicely.

  5. Simply Charming!

  6. what a PRETTY, PRETTY, post! the colors the textiles, the bunnies- boy do you have the eye!


  7. Oh, how sweet and pretty! You just have to love Beatrix Potter anything! I do!

  8. Your post is soo Spring. I even like your pillows.

  9. Adorable tray--those bunnies are precious.

  10. I love Bunnykins and Peter Rabbit! I had my DS's nursery decorated in Bunnykins and Peter Rabbit when he was a baby---20 years ago!



  11. Very cute bunny post. I am not sure if I would like breakfast in bed.

  12. What sweet and fond memories your table brings to me. My youngest had that same dish and a mug when he was very little. Perfect for Easter!

    Jocelyn @

  13. Bentley is not looking to share your love and attention! Smart Bentley!!! Very sweet tray, and I just love how you used the bookmark to accent the flatware. Really, really clever!

  14. Susan, your bunny tray is adorable. Love the book mark holding the vintage flatware. I seem to be focused on using tray scapes these days too. Thanks for sharing this delight. Breakfast in bed ~ that's a good idea.

  15. So sweet! I love it! Thanks for sharing your lovely bunny tray.

  16. I love your bunny breakfast tray, all the pictures are adorable! Spring and Easter decorations are so lovely....I'll be back to see you soon!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  17. I love the Peter Rabbit plate - I have the same one myself. I might have to bring mine into my kitchen, and use it for some spring table decorating.

  18. Very sweet, Susan! Happy Easter! Here from Tablescape Thursday.

  19. Lovely! I love your blue hobnail glass. It's really pretty!Stopping by from At the Picket Fence.

  20. What a beautiful post! Perfect for spring.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a nice day.

  21. Your little Easter pictures are sooo darned the soft beautiful colors and the Peter rabbit plate

  22. I love your spring decor - I especially love your grandmother's cranberry scoop (awesome!) and the blue hobnail vase!!! Your house is looking really beautiful for spring. Hugs ~ Mary

  23. I wish I could climb into bed and join you. This is adorable!

    - The Tablescaper

  24. So sweet! Thank you for linking up to Home Sweet Home!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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