Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Love Mason and Ball Jars

Like most of us out in blog land, I use my vintage Mason Jars to hold flowers
and decorate.

But ...

I also use my Mason and Ball Jars for storage.  I live in a 99 year old house and my
pantry is out on my enclosed back porch.  I have lots of windows and open shelves
which I keep stocked with pasta and rice.

Barley and pop corn and Lentilles du Puy  which I like to keep in a cute
little stubby Ball Jar.

Handy tins and scoops.

And ...

Peanut butter dog biscuits for good boys.  Bentley has been very good and
the treatie jar needs to be refilled.

I love Mason and Ball Jars!  Decorative and useful too.

I am joining


Did I say treatie Bentley?  Did you hear that?
You did  ... okay I better pay up!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I like mason jars too. Love these images.

  2. Me too! I usually keep flowers in mine all summer long.....Sarah

  3. I love them for flowers! Yours look cute holding all of your grains!


  4. Susan ~ I love mason and ball jars and I keep all of my food stuffs in them. We are in the country and once I brought moths home in pasta in February ~ yeach! They even got into tupperware! Now I keep EVERYTHING in mason and ball jars and I have never had a problem. Besides, I love the look of them in my pantry

  5. oops, Greta's treats are still in box! Great idea for use in the pantry.

  6. Hi Susan! We keep spare change in our vintage blue jars. Just love them. Glad your mom is okay. So scary!

  7. Very nice. Looks like my pantry,love glass for storage too.
    xx jeanetteann

  8. In our old house if we do not store in an air tight fashion we get weevils/bugs in our grains super fast. Using the jars is practical and beautiful.

  9. Very cute and homey, Susan. I am a bit worried about Bentley's treats, tho, lol. I know Momma will take good care of you, Bentley. I am sure you got a treaty as soon as she was done with this post! Our house is 73 yrs old. I love that!

  10. I love mason and ball jars and I use them the way you do. Hugs to you and Bentley ... always nice to visit with the two of you!

  11. I love these jars too. They are so handy for any room in the house! Happy Seasonal Sunday!

  12. I like your beautiful and practical way of using the jars. Isn't it comforting to see shelves of jars filled with an assortment of goodies? I imagine how my grandmother felt with a pantry full of jams or veggies to tide them through the year. I love seeing the jars used for decorative purposes, too.
    I'll bet my grandmother never thought of putting flowers in a jar for the table. :) Bless her heart.

  13. I too love Mason jars! I use mine for everything, including canning of course! They are the perfect size for so many things and beautiful as well!

    I'm so glad to find your blog. I'm really looking forward to following you!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  14. Too cute! Mason jars aren't just for canning anymore!!

  15. Your pantry looks not only beautiful, but organized and practical!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!

  16. What a cute way to display useful things! I love it. Have a happy Monday!

  17. I love mason jarts too, they are just beautiful!

  18. That should be jars, sorry about the typo.


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